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TV Review: Rick and Morty (Season 3)

Whilst a majority of this blog will contain film-related content, there are certain times I will want to break away from that and review something different. Whilst film is still my top media, I do still like to watch TV shows and listen to music, and in the case of Rick and Morty I think it is very highly deserving of it’s own blog post and review. Rick and Morty is a complex show which is one of the funniest shows to ever exist, but also possibly the smartest show airing right now. The first two seasons were refreshing, hilarious and also deep in it’s message. The creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, know how to create a show with heart. With such a long wait for Season 3, teasing us with the first episode back on April Fools Day and making us wait until the end of July for the entire season, does Rick and Morty Season 3 live up to the very high standards of its previous seasons.

This season of Rick and Morty definitely had some of the best episodes the show has seen so far. The characters went through more development and there were more arcs that continued throughout the season, unlike one-story plots that go nowhere. With family issues being the centre arc of this season, we see developments of all of the characters in the Sanchez/Smith family and how they deal with tough family dilemmas.
I have to give a few good words to some certain episodes: The first episode, The Rickshaw Rickdemption, was a fantastic start to the season. Picking up where we left off at Season 2, Rick is more badass than ever before, and the episode sets up the characters nicely for the rest of the season. Obviously mentions have to go the episode 3, Pickle Rick. This episode was good, yes because of the pickle, but that wasn’t why I loved it so much. The reason why this episode stood out for me was the therapy scenes between the therapist, Beth, Morty and Summer. Whilst the session was meant to be on the children, it highlighted the delusions of Beth and how much she trusts Rick (something that becomes even more apparent throughout the season). The humour is fantastic, but there is also a lot of truth in what Rick and the therapist say in the concluding scene.
The last episode of the season, The Rickchurian Mortydale, brought the season to an anticlimactic end. Without giving away spoilers, it would be easy to assume that the season was a waste of time as every character and situation went back to the way it was at the start of Season 3. However, on closer inspection, this is exactly what Roiland and Harmon were going for. Throughout the show, Rick always brings up the fact that there are infinite universes and nothing truly matters. This is what the finale showed, where the only character that majorly got impacted by the end was Rick.
There were some different aspects of this season the made the show refreshing, as well as references and easter eggs to previous seasons. In terms of new ideas, Rick and Morty go on less adventures, and sometimes we don’t even see the adventures they have. Rick now starts to go on adventures with other characters, including Summer, Jerry and Beth. A lot of episodes now focus on character development over crazy plots. Episode 7, The Ricklantis Mixus, only features the characters Rick and Morty through multiple universes, meaning Roiland was the only voice actor in the entire episode.
There were some episodes that I felt lacked any reason and felt more like fillers. It took me a while to actually like Episode 2, Rickmancing the Stone, after I felt I had too high of an expectation. I also feel the show lost a little bit of charm it had in the first season, due to trying so hard to be too much at times. Despite that though, this season was as high of a standard as I was hoping for and the episodes were fantastic in general. Rick and Morty is still one of my favourite shows to date, the animation and voice acting is impeccable, the story is interesting and the humour is my exact taste. I’m glad this show is getting the recognition it deserves, and I will be eagerly waiting for Season 4, even if it is a long time away.

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