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Film Review: Thor: Ragnarok

The newest hit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just been released so, of course, I had to go by to the cinema and see what they had to offer. Whilst I am a huge Marvel nerd, I have not been so big on their Thor series. Whilst it isn’t the worst trilogy in the MCU (sorry, Iron Man), it is nowhere near the standard of Captain America, or the two Guardians of the Galaxy films. However, with the amazing work from Marvel’s advertising team, with some visually stunning posters and equally thrilling trailers, and the inclusion of Hulk in this film, I did go in there with some hype hoping not only for a fun superhero movie, but a high-quality one. With such a good year for Marvel as well, following Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming, did this live up to the expectations of Marvel films.

Thor: Ragnarok Review | Movie - Empire
To put it simply, this is the best Marvel film to be released since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yes, it is simply that good. The balance of drama, comedy, action and fantasy is perfect in every way possible. The opening sequence, whilst not topping that of baby Groot in GOTG2, is still fantastically full of witty lines and a compelling plot that leads throughout the movie.
Let’s start with the lead character, Thor. The hero, who could be seen as the blandest Avenger in the team, gets a major personality lift in this film. He connects well, and I love this new twist on Thor. With a haircut, he looks a lot more appealing to watch (I was not a fan of the long hair on Hemsworth). Chris plays the role brilliantly, there is nobody better cast as Thor. The character of Thor goes through a lot of changes in this film, and that emotion can be seen throughout. He loses a lot of things (not just his hair) and he has to adjust throughout by learning more about himself. Mark Ruffalo also does a fantastic job reprising his role as Bruce Banner aka Hulk. Whilst the Hulk is still simple-minded, he opens up a little bit and we see more of the Hulk.
The best character in this film is Hella, the villain played by Cate Blanchett. First of all, her outfit is gorgeous. It fits perfectly in the fantasy land of Asgard, along with Loki and Thor’s outfits. It seems that Marvel have realised that their downfall of their movies was their villains, and have vastly improved on them this year. Hella is a badass villain with a compelling backstory, great motivation and extraordinary powers.
The visuals of this film are stunning. Whilst this is to be expected from a Marvel movie, this really sets the boundaries. The dark moments are really gritty and dark, and Asgard looks just as beautiful as ever. All the different worlds and areas look finished and different from each other, making it apparent where each character is. The music also accompanies this brilliantly, with a fantastic gritty soundtrack featuring some classic rock songs along the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is a fantastic superhero film that follows the Marvel formula to a T. This action-adventure drama comedy hits all the right points and creates a fantastic fantasy land you would want to visit. It is a major step up from the other movies in the Thor franchise and one that will shape the character for years to come.

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