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Film Discussion: The Cinematic Experience

There are many debates about the best way to enjoy the art of movies. For starters, there are those who prefer to be in the comfort of their own homes, feet up and enjoying a movie with no-one to cause distractions. Others, however, are willing to pay the best part of £15 a ticket to enjoy the big screen experience, whether that comes with add-ons such as 3D or IMAX. There are pros and cons to each, and each person will have their own preferences. This blog post will cover both aspects of the movie experience, and at the end I will give my own opinion on the matter.

  • The movie is shown the way the director intended it to be. A huge screen, the best surround sound possible in a darkened room. Every director wants their movie to be shown in a cinema, and that is the media that the film is shot in mind with. Therefore, cinema goers get the full experience of seeing the imagery on the big screen, or in IMAX and 4DX.
  • Cinema goers get to see the latest movies as soon as it comes out. Movies go to cinemas first, and then there is a three month wait between the cinema and the DVD release. Sure, there are illegal sites that upload the film early, but let’s not condone those sort of film viewers.
  • It is expensive. You could end up spending £10 on a standard ticket, and IMAX and 4DX experiences will cost you even more. There are ways around this though, such as getting a membership card for a specific cinema branch such as Odeon and Cineworld.
  • The other people at the cinema could easily ruin the movie experience. With annoyances such as loud chewers and chatters, those who go on their phone during the cinema and leaving the cinema early could cause disruptions which ruins the movie experience.
Benefits Of Watching Movies At Home


  • There are more options. Instead of being limited to a small selection of films, the person is only limited to the films they have access to. This could be their own personal collection, or those available on TV or services such as Netflix. With hundreds of titles available at their fingertips, the choices are truly endless. This also comes at a much cheaper price, only costing the price of the individual film or the subscription service.
  • There are very few distractions that aren’t under your control. Whether you are watching a film by yourself or with a group of your friends, there’s no need to worry about the annoying teenager in front of you chatting throughout. It also means that you can be as annoying as possible without disturbing others.
  • You cannot watch any of the newest releases, as they will not be out for purchase yet. Some people don’t mind waiting a few months for a release, but there are the issues of spoilers. If a major blockbuster like a superhero movie comes out, there will be very few ways to avoid spoilers for a long time.
  • The quality of the film is determined by the equipment you one in your house. Not many households have the luxury of a surround sound system or UHD TV to make the most of the film, which can effect the standard of the film.
Both clearly have their pros and their cons, and when it comes to the ultimate movie experience, well that really depends not only on the person, but the film being viewed. If you are going to see a film directed by the likes of Christopher Nolan, then it is best experienced in the cinema as that is the medium it is designed for. The small TV and speakers would not do the graphics and sound justice, as it has been designed around the best technology possible.

There are also moments when an audience makes a movie experience better, not worse. When I went to the Captain America triple bill midnight showing in launch of Civil War, there was no cinematic experience like it. Everyone there was focused on the movie, there were cosplayers sitting next to me and the reveal of the new Spiderman created laughter and shocks like no other. Yes, there will be times when a cinema is full of noisy chewers and annoying teenagers laughing and on their phones, but for one of those there is always a good cinema trip where the movie is elevated by the audience watching it.

I am definitely a cinema person. I own a Cineworld card and have so for nearly a year and a half, and I love it. I go to the cinema around four times a month, and with that alone I save a lot of money from the card. Whilst I am a cinema goer though, I still love to stay under the covers on a cold day and watch some of my favourite classics that will probably never come back to the big screen.

What about you guys? Do you go to the cinema, and if so how often? And how do you watch your films at home? Let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to read and respond to them.

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