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My Favourite Christmas Films

As it is officially less than one week until Christmas, it is a perfect time to write down a list of my personal favourite Christmas films. Now, I am not one for festive films, especially the cheesy romance films that get shown straight on TV. I haven’t even seen Elf, so safe to say this list probably will not match most others. There are three Christmas films that I do love and will watch every year, and I will be telling you about them.

The Polar Express
I have very fond memories of sitting in front of the TV and watching this film over and over again. This is a film that truly defines the magic of the festive season. The voice acting done by Josh Hutcherson and Tom Hanks is fantastic and the music in the film gives so much innocence. I also love the animation of this film, the style of the drawing is mesmerising and adds to the magical effect. The realistic touches also help bring this story to life. I feel this is very underrated in terms of Christmas films and it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets.
The Muppets Christmas Carol
Most chances you will have seen this movie at least once in your lifetime. Every year at my old school, we would pick a Christmas movie to watch and it was always this one. For good reason as well, as I think this is a marvellous adaptation of A Christmas Carol. It is a fantastic way to get younger audiences into the literature of Charles Dickens, and the Muppets are always entertaining to watch.
Home Alone
Now I will be shocked if anyone hasn’t watched this film at least 100 times. If you got anyone to name one Christmas film, most chances they will say Home Alone. It is easily the funniest Christmas film that deserves all of the praise that it gets. The story alone is hilarious and fantastic, and the execution is spot on. This is a film I make sure to watch at least twice a year, and on Christmas Day. “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”
These are my favourite Christmas films so far, but there are a lot more for me to watch. I am eager to find out what your favourite Christmas films are, and which ones I should check out.



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