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My Top Ten Movies of 2017

Compiling a list of the best films is always tricky for me as I am so indecisive. This year is no exception. There were so many good films that came out in 2017 that making this list is tough. In fact, my top three films are all basically tied. You could swap any of them around on a particular day, mood or showing.

I do have a disclaimer beforehand about my list and that is that I have not seen every movie in 2017. Sure, I obviously skipped some bad ones like The Emoji Movie and Fifty Shades Darker, but I also missed some critically acclaimed and fan-favourites. Movies such as Three Billboards, Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name are yet to be released in the UK, whilst I didn’t get the chance to see popular films such as Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and mother!

Because I live in the UK, I will be going by the UK schedule and what I saw in 2017 in cinemas. This will be apparent in my number one slot (and anyone that knows me should know what my number one film of 2017 is).

Enough talking, let’s get down to the list.

10. Beauty and the Beast

I am a Disney geek. I love everything to do with Disney, and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite disney animated film of all time. With such perfect casting, beautiful sets and visuals, and added storylines and arcs that make the setting feel more real, this was a fantastic adaptation. Is it better than the original? Of course not. But this is a magical film that I cannot wait to see once more.
9. Goodbye Christopher Robin
This film did not get nearly enough recognition. I remember going to my local cinema and seeing the cardboard cut-out promo of the storybook and knew this film would take me away. This film was so informative, who knew the dark story behind the most beloved character in my childhood? Kid actors shone in 2017 and this was no exception. This is on record as the only film in 2017 to leave me crying at the end of the film.
8. Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tobey Maguire is a good Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield is a good Peter Parker. Tom Holland excels as both characters. To have this film be a teen school drama fits brilliantly for the hero. This isn’t the origin story of Peter Parker getting his power, but is the story of the origin of Spider-Man and how he uses his power. Wait until the surprise twist near the end of the film, it had me shocked! Excellent villain as well, Marvel are finally realising their weakness and improving on them.
7. Wonder
Another small film that I feel did not get the recognition it fully deserves. I have been looking forward to this adaptation for a long time, being such a fan of the written work by R.J. Palacio. Jacob Tremblay is going to be a star, he is such a credible actor at such a young age. The supporting cast, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, are also fantastic in their roles. The message is clear and loud in this film and should be a must watch for any parent, child or school.
6. Thor: Ragnarok
I have slated the Thor films for being bland, unoriginal and just not on par with their other series. This film takes all those critiques away. This is one of the best films to come from the MCU. Fun, energetic and full of likeable characters and a compelling storyline. And, like with Spider-Man: Homecoming, an actual good villain! Cate Blanchett embodies Hela and brings the role to another level.
5. Dunkirk
There have been many debates about this film. Some people just don’t like it, and honestly I can see why. However, I was captivated. It was so realistic in its storytelling and character plots. It didn’t have the cheesy “sit by a fire and talk about life” scene. It focused on the mass, and every person being equal. The three POV layout was slightly confusing to begin with, but made sense throughout the film. I need to watch this film again.
4. Baby Driver
This is what you call a cool movie. Cool music, cool characters, cool story, cool settings. I love old-school diners, so I was already sold by the time I saw the diner. The opening scene hooks you immediately, and I love seeing Ansel Elgort mature and grow as an actor. It is a shame about one particular actor who I will not name, but it is far from enough to put me off of this masterpiece.
3. Get Out
This is when ranking gets hard for me, as these next three films are all equal to me. Get Out is a masterpiece, and I still remember sitting in the cinema watching the story unfold. The twist was spoiled for me a mere few hours before seeing it, but it was still a thrilling film. This is the most thought-provoking film I have seen in years, and that is thanks to Jordan Peele’s fantastic job at a directorial debut. I will be watching everything he directs from now on.
2. The Disaster Artist
Admittedly, I had never heard of The Room before this film. I saw posters for it and saw that the Franco brothers were starring, and that peaked my interest. Being a film fan, I watched a few clips of The Room on YouTube and was completely hooked. Now, I have seen The Disaster Artist and The Room in cinema, and bought the book that this film is based on. That is how much I loved this film, this story and the whole idea of how this all came about. 

1. La La Land
Yes, this film technically came out in 2016 and has already won all of its deserved awards. However, I saw this in cinemas in January 2017 and therefore to me it is the best film that I saw this year. (Plus, I need an excuse to talk about this work of art on my blog.) This is truly beautiful. Everything works together. The music, the cinematography, the sets, the story. I love watching films about films. That is why my top two are both film-related films. There is something inspiring to me about watching people achieve their dreams in Hollywood, whether that comes with success or failure, push backs or disappointments. La La Land shows all that, and yet still manages to make me leave smiling. I have watched this countless times and I will continue to watch it countless times.

There you go. That is my list for the best films of 2017 and I want to know what yours are. Do you have a similar list to me, or is there some films that you think I have left out? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to reply back.

Until Monday, that was some film for thought.

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