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The Legacy of Back to the Future

If anyone knows me well enough, they know that my favourite film of all time is Back to the Future. I own two copies of the full trilogy, a special Funko Pop of Doc Brown, and have followed the film series throughout the past few years, watching documentaries and reading the comic books surrounded in the universe. But how did such a film come to be? What makes Back to the Future such a perfect film? And what legacy has it left 33 years on?

This topic came into my mind after Netflix put the entire trilogy on their library, as well as a brand new documentary “Back in Time”. This documentary covers the entire story of the film’s creation, with commentary from fans, actors and those who personally worked on the film. If you have not watched it yet, it is definitely one to watch. Even if you are not a fan of the film but are just a general film fan, this documentary gives you insight into working for Hollywood.

So, what makes Back to the Future work so well? Is it the incredible casting, with a refreshing and exciting lead from Michael J. Fox that almost never happened? Or is it the casting of Christopher Lloyd as the wacky and insane scientist that you can’t help but fall in love with? Is it the compelling story that feels new, and manages to balance in humour, drama and tension all at the same time? Is it the connections between everything and that everything feels necessary for the film?

In short, it is everything. The script is perfectly balanced and beautifully written. All of the performances are refreshing and feel so realistic. The jokes never distract from the story, but instead add to it. The plot points of the clock tower and Enchantment Under the Sea Ball work fantastically in connection to the main storyline.

To me, Back to the Future is the perfect film. It will remain untouched in my number one spot. When I watched Back to the Future for the first time in front of the television, no other moment made me want to watch more than ever before. Before I knew it, all three films were watched and the series had me hooked.

Back to the Future is such a revolutionary film, and has impacted what people’s perceptions of the future are. Back in the second instalment, Marty and Doc go to the year 2015. That was considered far in the future back in 1989, but nowadays that is a time of the past. The whole world was intrigued to go back and see what was predicted by the likes of Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, and what happened between those times.

There was also a more recent surge in popularity for the film series as an adult cartoon show was created heavily inspired by the characters of Doc and Marty: Rick and Morty. This show has now gone on to beat The Simpsons as the most watched and loved cartoon show of the year, and has swept the world and media with insane references and crazy storylines. The phenomenon of Rick and Morty wouldn’t have existed without the creation of Back to the Future.

I am sure that every person reading this has one standout film that is their all-time favourite. Whether it is a classic that is quotable beyond compare, or a brand new release that you just can’t stop thinking about, let me know what your favourite film of all time is. Also, do you agree with my points about Back to the Future and its legacy? I would like to know if you love the franchise just as much as I do.

Until Monday, that was some film for thought.

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