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My Most Anticipated Films of 2018

I have gone through 2017, and now it is time to look forward to 2018 and what is to come. For this list, I have picked 5 films in particular that I am most excited to see come to the big screen. These are the big ones, the blockbusters, the ones that everyone is talking about. Whilst most of my favourite films come from the independent or smaller companies, these are the ones that are so big and promise so much that I will be going in with high expectations.

Of course, I have to begin with The Avengers: Infinity War. I am a Marvel fan and this is what Phase 2 has built up to. A villain that is set to be more powerful than any seen on screen. An ensemble full of different personalities and qualities that we have grown to love. A near three-hour film of action, suspense, and tension of potential lives at stake. With the Russo brothers directing this and the follow-up Avengers film, one can only hope that this will be a record-breaking show.

Next up for me is something that I have been waiting for my whole life. Some people wanted a sequel to Finding Nemo, and some wanted a sequel to Monsters Inc. I wanted a sequel to The Incredibles, and finally in June it will come to cinemas. The promotion hasn’t shown much yet, but they could show me nothing and I would still go immediately. The only downside is that the UK has to wait a month after America to watch the film, so if I see any spoilers I will hunt you down.

This upcoming film is only going to be out in a few weeks time, and whilst a lot of people might not care about the dystopian young adult genre anymore, I am still excited to go and see the last film in The Maze Runner trilogy. This has remained to be one of the best book to film adaptations, and with certain pushbacks it will be interesting to see how the momentum continues as the film series draws a conclusion.

There is one film that I have heard about that I really know nothing about, yet I am still excited to see it. I have always been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, so seeing her take on an “Atomic Blonde” style role in Red Sparrow looks promising. All I know about the film is that it has something to do with secret agents and that it is some sort of thriller. That is all I need to know going into this film.

One of the most underrated Disney films is Wreck-It Ralph. I loved everything about it. This is another Disney film that I felt could use a sequel and would not feel like a cash-grab. When the announcement of Ralph Breaks the Internet came out, I was pumped. With failures such as The Emoji Movie released, we truly need a decent movie about the internet and I feel this could be it.
There you go. That was my list of my most anticipated films of 2018. Of course, I am looking forward to more films than that. I could make a list completely out of Disney and Marvel films, and I have to be excited about Solo! What are the films that you guys are most excited about? Do you agree with my list? Comment below, I would love to hear what you think!
Until Monday, that was some film for thought.

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