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Oscars 2018: The Snub, the Surprise, and the Success

It is awards season yet again and as with every year, there are many discussions on who should win and who will win. With last year’s Oscar mishap of La La Land accepting for Moonlight’s victory still looming in everyone’s mind, it will yet to be seen what magical and memorable moment will take place at this year’s ceremony. Viewing the nomination list that came out only last week, there has been a lot of discussion about the list, including who got snubbed and who got the surprise nomination. With this, there are certain people and films that I feel I have such a strong opinion on that I truly want to express my voice on the matter.

The Snub: The Disaster Artist and James Franco
If you have read my Top Ten Movies of 2017, then you will know that I love The Disaster Artist. Excluding La La Land (which was nominated in last year’s award season) this was my top film in the entire year. That is why I was so disappointed to see the entire film get one single nomination at the Oscars for Adapted Screenplay.

This stings even more due to the accusations of James Franco and sexual assault. Let me clear on this, as of right now they are merely accusations. With little proof to support anyone’s points and no official ruling from court, he is getting the same level of treatment as Kevin Spacey and it is unfair. Sure, his taste is eccentric and different from the norm, but it is perfectly legal and consensual.

Not getting too much into the accusations, Franco delivered one of the best performances of the year as Tommy Wiseau. To go from winning a Golden Globe for his performance to not even getting nominated for an Oscar is shocking. He wasn’t going to win the Oscar against Gary Oldman who is a lock for the category, but a nomination for his role was definitely deserved.

The Surprise: Get Out and Jordan Peele
Going back to my Top Ten Movies of 2017, I placed Get Out right below The Disaster Artist. A thriller that kept me at the edge of my seat, was compelling throughout and offered amazing performances and directing from Jordan Peele. Since it was a February release last year, I wasn’t expecting it to even be much of a consideration at the Oscars.

Get Out managed to get nominated in four categories, all of them major: Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), Best Director (Jordan Peele) and Best Picture.

There is discussion about whether the nominations are just about the importance of involving black actors and directors in the mix, but at the end I am happy about the nomination. This is great, especially for Jordan Peele as Get Out is his directorial debut and the amount of recognition he has got from it has been phenomenal. Will it win anything? Probably not. Being recognised is enough for this film to be seen as a major success and to bring up talk about racism and social standards, which is what Peele wanted from this film.

The Success: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand
The only five-star film that I have seen this year is Three Billboards, With fantastic writing, performances and plot that is compelling throughout, I am definitely wanting it to win Best Picture. Two of the categories that the film will win for however is Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, both lead by Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell. Whilst Woody Harrelson is also up for Best Supporting Actor, it a basically locked that McDormand and Rockwell will win those awards, and deservedly so.

The film is up for seven nominations, and I am hoping that the film will win a lot of them. Alongside the Best Actress and two Best Supporting Actor nominations, the film is also up for Best Picture, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing. It seems to be a toss-up in Best Picture between Three Billboards and The Shape of Water. I have not seen The Shape of Water yet so I cannot fully comment on it, but based on how much I enjoy Three Billboards I truly hope it wins the big award of the night.

I will be staying up all night to watch the Oscar ceremony and doing a live thread of it on my official Twitter page (coming soon) so if you too are staying up, you can follow along on my thoughts of all the winners as well as the ceremony.

Until Monday, that was some film for thought.

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