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Film Reviews: Week 9 (Feb 26-Mar 4)

This week was the slowest week I have had in a long time. Sadly, I only got to watch one new film this week. I did get time to go back and watch Harry Potter once again, but the new film was absolutely fantastic. Here are my two reviews for this week:

I, Tonya
This is a film I have been waiting for since it was first announced. A true story featuring my favourite actor and actress working to date (Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan), of course I would have to see this. This was only hyped up even more when the film was getting rave reviews, as well as an Oscar win for Allison Janney.

This is a fantastically shot film. The documentary format is a brilliant way to approach the subject, and the constant back and forth of the action to their speech is well edited together. It also helps you realise that the narrators (particularly Tonya and Jeff) are very unreliable.

Despite being an infamous story that took over the world, you would believe that this is a story made for film. So much happens that you just cannot believe actually happened in real life. It is informative in the fact that every detail, whether true or false, is covered and shown.

The acting in this film is brilliant throughout. Robbie and Janney are obvious standouts, playing mother and daughter of a broken family. The performances are definitely Oscar nomination worthy, and the win for Janney. However, I feel Sebastian Stan too deserved a nomination for playing the husband. He gives a passionate performance and fits the role perfectly. No matter his role, Stan gives 100% and he will always be my favourite actor working.

There is only one major issue which could affect the way people view this film. Because the narrator is unreliable and Tonya is the narrator for most of the film, the film suggests that Tonya had nothing to do with the incident and that she is the victim of a broken family and abusive relationship. The real Tonya deserves no sympathy for what she did, and it is a shame for Nancy Kerrigan to see her story told from Tonya’s point of view.

Aside from that, this is a fantastic film that is hilarious, drama filled and full of powerful performances. I highly recommend everyone going to watch this film.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (rewatch)
My boyfriend hasn’t seen the Harry Potter films in years so has been wanting to re-watch all of them. Of course, I am very happy about this as I am a huge fan of the franchise. This may be the weakest film of the series, but it is still a great watch with improved performances and effects from the first film.

I do not need to say much about this film or series, as everyone either should and have already watched them. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you doing?!


I am starting to get very busy with college assessments and more shifts at work so less films are getting watched right now, butt I hope to watch a few on Netflix this week. I am interested in watching Veronica, not only because it is a horror film getting good accolades, but also because it is a Spanish film and would tick another film off of my foreign films list.

Until Sunday, that was some film for thought.

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