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TV Shows: My Top 5

My very first post on this blog was about my top three films of all time (click here to read that post), and whilst my passion will always lie within film, I still love a good TV show to get into. Currently, I am trying to catch up with 19 different TV shows and failing miserably at that. However, I have also finished a lot of TV shows and have tried a lot of different genres. Today, I will be talking about my five favourite shows from five separate genres. This is tough for me as I could really choose five from sitcoms alone. I managed however, so here are my top shows:

Sitcom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Sitcoms are my favourite genre of TV show. There are so many good ones to choose, from Friends and How I Met Your Mother, to The Office UK and That 70s Show. I however chose one that not only got me into sitcoms, but also is still running and deserves more viewership.

This is arguably my favourite show of all time. It is hilarious, yet extremely self-aware with real characters and empowering motives. Highlights of this include the feminism of Amy, Gina and Rosa; the strong gay relationship between Holt and Kevin, and a special highlight to Terry and his troubles with racism.

Each character brings their own personality and humour, and it is brilliant. Relationships are handled in a beautiful way that doesn’t favour one person from the other, and a lot of the episodes have interesting sub-plots that can be watched by themselves with no background knowledge needed. You can easily hop into the latest episode and enjoy it just as much as someone who watched every show from the beginning.

Fantasy: Supernatural
I did not have many choices for fantasy, as this is not a genre I watch a lot for TV. Yes, Marvel and DC shows could have worked, but the only one I have seen a lot of from these is Marvel’s Agents of Shield and that has been going downhill. The other alternative was Game of Thrones, but I am only on season two and need to continue watching it (like I said, I’m way behind on TV shows).

The one fantasy show I have watched from start to finish and I am still  a fan of is Supernatural. Is it getting far-fetched now? Of course. Has it ran it’s course? Possibly. However, I love the cast and the show is still great fun. Besides, there’s a new episode which is set in the world of Scooby-Doo and if that isn’t exciting then I don’t know what is.

If you are looking to watch Supernatural, be prepared. It is 13 seasons and the best ones are the first five. It is still a good show, just not as good as it was back in 2005-2010.

Animated: BoJack Horseman
This is technically a sitcom in a sense, but I’m giving it it’s own genre. This one was tough between three options. Rick and Morty, the show that is based off of my favourite film of all time and the first adult cartoon show I properly watched (check my review of Season Three here); Big Mouth, which was refreshing and had a fantastic premise and style; and the one I chose: BoJack Horseman.

I really did not think I was going to like this show. I originally didn’t like the animation style or depressing show, but after a few more episodes I was hooked. The fact that this was based on an actor and his career was so fascinating, and I instantly loved Mr. Peanutbutter as a character. I also found the mixture of animals and humans on the same level an interesting premise that somehow worked.

Some of the storylines are far-fetched and disappointing, but when the right storyline is in place it is a fantastic show. Season three in particular is so strong, and I have high hopes for season five. Plus, it’s a Netflix show so what could be better?!

Drama: Sherlock
This one was a no-brainer. It isn’t like I haven’t seen many drama TV shows (okay, I haven’t), but even if I had it will take a lot to beat Sherlock. This is the TV show that got me to appreciate TV as a medium as strong as film. Each episode is essentially a film, due to the quality and story-telling aspect. It flows like each season is a film trilogy in a full saga such as Star Wars.

The strongest season is season two. To start off with such a strong character piece of Irene Adler, follow it with the most infamous Sherlock Holmes story of all time, then conclude with a dramatic villain plot to drive the story and series together is beyond brilliant. It is also refreshing to see Sherlock in a modern time, and makes you wonder what could be done in that format.

I hope for the sake of the show that no more is made. Season 4 had great parts and not-so-great parts, but a really strong finish with a perfect ending shot and it should be left for the history books now. It is time to see what someone else can do with the infamous characters.

Reality: Catfish
I normally hate reality shows. Most of them are trashy, annoying and unrelatable. Not Catfish though. With every episode involving new faces, new twists and more shocks, as well as such likeable presenters such as Nev and Max, I can stick Catfish on whenever and just smile.

This past season has been really strong now. You don’t quite believe the stuff that happens in the episodes, and yet somehow you can feel that they are real. Catfishing happens all the time now, and you never know when you’ll need Nev and Max to help you. Anyone and everyone can be a catfish, so the people on the show feel real and you sympathise with the victims (well, most of the time).

This is a show on MTV so you would expect it to be trashy, however it is not. If you are down, you can stick this on and Nev and Max will make you smile (or, you can be comforted by the fact that you are not being catfished or being called out as a catfish).

So there you go, those are my five favourite shows from five different genres. Let me know in the comments what your favourite shows are of if you agree with my list. I would like some new recommendations for shows!

So, until Wednesday, that was some film for thought.

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