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Trailer Review: Avengers: Infinity War

This is going to be new to me, as I have not reviewed a trailer on this blog thus far. However, with the Infinity War trailer having dropped on Friday, I must talk about it. If you have not seen the trailer yet (what are you doing?!), you must watch it! A video is down below to view the entire trailer as I will be discussing about several screen caps and moments from it in detail.

The trailer has now reached 33 million views on the official Marvel YouTube channel alone, and is #1 on trending. As well as this final major trailer for the film, cinema tickets were released. In six hours alone, it bet the record of highest pre-booked tickets sales for Marvel (previously held by their last blockbuster, Black Panther). I was one of those people, and I urge all of you to book your day one seats right now to avoid major spoilers.

Now its time to really get into the details about this trailer, and the main aspects that I really love. The first thing that happens right from the beginning is the monologue by Gamora. I have loved Gamora as a bad-ass female character for a long time now, and she is only getting her moment shown now. She maybe has the most to fight for, given her relationship with Thanos. This has been touched upon in Guardians of the Galaxy, but now we finally get to see the real connections. This speech is only escalated later on in the trailer when a clip of Thanos with younger Gamora is shown, and it seems to be very powerful.

Speaking of Thanos, the first official images and clip of the Black Order is finally revealed here. Whilst I knew very little about the Black Order aside from seeing their Funko Pop Vinyls released in the past week, it is interesting to see what each character looks like. It is also a bold choice to include Loki in with the rest of the group. This was bound to happen, as in previous clips we have seen Loki give the Tesseract over to Thanos (potentially for the Space Stone), and whether his loyalty lays with the Black Order or he is simply there as a prisoner, it is yet to be revealed. This is a great direction for Marvel to go in as Loki was the MCU’s first truly great villain, and being an anti-hero simply hasn’t worked for him.

What has been great about the recent entries in the MCU is the comedic elements. Sure, they worked fantastically in Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man: Homecoming in particular, but does that mean it should be placed in Infinity War, a storyline that could (and probably will) kill a couple of the Avengers and a lot of civilisation alongside it? Well, if Spider-Man and Star Lord are in it, then of course it should. Both those characters get their moments to shine in this new trailer, and boy do they take it. I particularly love the communication between Start Lord and Iron-Man, two leaders who feel they should both be in charge. Of course, Iron-Man is going to take lead in this battle but who doesn’t love Star Lord for at least trying?

The final thing to address in this trailer is the risks and threats that are shown against the Avengers and their team of superheroes. There has been major debate about who may die in this film. Sure, we know it won’t be Spider-Man or Black Panther, but at this time anyone else is up for grabs. In this trailer alone, we see Thor, Doctor Strange and Captain America all at threat. With contracts running out and a fresh Avengers team ready to assemble, surely it is time for some of the big boys to step away from the game?

Marvel have kept their cards close to their chest, and we are all anticipating the 27th of April (26th in the UK) for the release of what could end up being the biggest film in box office history. So I pose this question to you: what are your thoughts on this trailer? Do you like that Marvel are revealing little about the film, or does this worry you that there are simply too many characters to have a focused storyline? And will you be seeing this film, and if so have you bought your ticket yet? I am interested to read your comments.

Until Wednesday (where I have a whopping seven films to review for you!), that was some film for thought.

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