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Film Review: Ready Player One

There are very few times that a film will now get it’s own review on this blog. It has to be something that is very anticipated. Something that I get to see on an early release, or at least the day of the release. It has to be something very special. Ready Player One is very much worthy of that honour. I went to see Ready Player One yesterday at an Unlimited Screening and I know how big of a deal this film is. I have been anticipating this film for well over a year and a half, due to my love for the source material and 80s Spielberg films.

This will be a spoiler free review, due to the film not being officially released yet. A spoiler review will be published within the next few weeks.

Just as a heads up, there are a lot of changes that are made to the source material. Yes, the premise of the story and the characters are virtually alike, but there are a lot of changes that had to be made to suit the medium. Instead of setting up a backstory with society and different levels, everyone is on the same playing ground. I especially like this as it contrasts with the real world, which deals with the poor and the rich.

The premise of the film is simple. Set in 2045, there is a virtual reality world that everyone goes to to escape reality and interact. With the owner of the virtual world gone, a hunt was set up for people to find the hidden keys. The winner gets to own the virtual world for themselves.

Every character has a motive for going on the hunt for the three keys. This is especially true for Art3mis, which I won’t explain due to spoilers. I was also captivated by the villain, Nolan, and his reason for trying to win as a business point of view. Sadly, it seems to reflect real life almost with the Net Neutrality battle going on right now.

The actors play their roles superbly. I don’t recall seeing Tye Sheridan (Parzival) anywhere before, but I will be keeping an eye out for him. A fantastic lead with great charisma and energy brought to this character. I have loved Olivia Cooke since her role as Emma in Bates Motel, so I already knew how great of an actress she is.

I was worried that I was not going to like the virtual reality world due to the avatars and CGI look of the virtual world, but it did not take long for the world to seamlessly blend in with the real world. I particularly love the way it is done in the IOI (the headquarters of the villains in the film).

Of course, you cannot go into this film and not talk about the 80s references. This film simply had to be made by Spielberg. He was such a huge part in the books as well, with all of the culture and films referenced. Having Back to the Future be my favourite film, seeing all of the references to that specific film made me really happy. Part of me wishes that I had seen this particular horror film before I saw this film (you will know what film I am referring to when you go and see this film).

This film already has the best soundtrack of the year. This is Guardians of the Galaxy level of fun, fast-paced music that has no bad songs in whatsoever and suits the themes and tone of the film perfectly.

If you are a critic and love the book, you might end up slightly sad about some of the drastic changes in the film. However, I couldn’t have been happier about this film and how it turned out. The one disappointment (which isn’t even about the movie) was the 3D effects. I am bad at seeing 3D, but my boyfriend can see them clearly and he said that the 3D is hardly visible in this film. They could have used it to their advantage, but that does not take away from this film in the slightest. I plan to see it again the day of the official release, and I highly urge everyone to go buy your tickets right now.


Only a handful of people will have seen this film so I would like to know if you are anticipating this film, and whether this review puts away some of the nerves going into such a big blockbuster. Or, have you also seen it and what do you make of it? Comment below and I will respond back.

Until next time, that was some film for thought.

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