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CEX Haul #1 (March 2018)

As a film fan, I also like to purchase the films that I enjoy watching. A great way of doing this at a low cost is by going to charity and discount stores. Sure, their selection is slimmer than those on Amazon or at HMV, but what they do have is sold at incredibly low prices. One store which I go to on a regular basis is CEX. This is a discount store in the UK that lets you sell and purchase films and video games at low prices. Their range of items is fantastic and the prices are low. I recently bought four Blu-Rays and one box set from there and I will be talking about each purchase, the price of it and why I ended up buying it.

127 Hours – £1.50
This is a film that I have never seen before, yet have heard so much about. The whole premise of being alone and helpless for that amount of time is so interesting to me. For £1.50, this Blu-Ray was a steal and I am excited to get around to watching it. Besides, it stars one of my favourite actors right now (James Franco), so what is there not to like?

Whiplash – £4
This was the most expensive film in my haul, but I had to purchase it. I had been wanting to watch Whiplash for the longest of time, but it just wasn’t going to happen until I bought the Blu-Ray. I instantly put it in my player a few days after I bought it and I am so happy that I did. This film is incredible and it had to be seen on a TV screen. This is one purchase that I am extremely happy about.

American Hustle – £1
This one was an error on my behalf. Not because of the film (which I am still to see), but rather because I apparently bought this on my previous CEX haul. So now I own this film twice. Whoops. At least it only costed me a pound for it. That is why I purchased it regardless. It has a stellar cast, featuring some of my favourite actors of all time, and I have heard mixed things about the film but the good reviews seem great. Plus, its the same team as Silver Linings Playbook (aka one of my top three films of all time), so I have high hopes for this film.

The Social Network – £1.50
Out of the four films I purchased, this is the one that I have already seen. Granted, it was years and years ago, but the story is so iconic and the acting in this film is fantastic. I know that when I go re-visit this film I am going to love it all over again. The price was so low for such a classic film, I knew I had to make this purchase.

Gossip Girl Seasons 1 and 2 – £2
I have only finished the entire Gossip Girl show a week ago, but it is a show that I have been watching for a while and with such complex characters that fit so well. It was the original Pretty Little Liars, but much better than it. That’s why when I noticed the first two seasons in a box set for only £2, I had to get it. Even for the bonuses alone, in which there are a lot of in this box-set. For me, a worthwhile purchase for a TV box set comes down to the bonus features. I was disappointed in my Brooklyn Nine Nine box set as, costing £19.99 for four seasons (and that is with a half price discount on it), had two bonus features which were on one DVD and lasted a total of 4 minutes. For my favourite show of all time, that was disappointing. Gossip Girl seems to be the opposite, which offers interactive maps, a download of an audiobook, look back on the characters, and the actors on set behind-the-scenes.

I hope to turn this into a series, where every month I talk about my recent purchases and give out my recommendations. This will also help me check that I am not making repeat purchases, like I did with American Hustle. Would you guys like to see this on a regular basis (possibly monthly)? Comment below on your opinions of this and my recent purchases.

Until Monday, that was some film for thought.

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