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Bucket List 2018 Update 1/4

We are already a quarter of the way through 2018, so I think it is fitting to go back to my 2018 Schedules and Resolutions post to see if I am on track with any of my goals. I will also probably be altering a couple of them due to unrealistic levels that I set myself to achieve. Let’s see how I am getting on, and if there are any ways to repair some bad resolutions.

1. Watch all 56 animated Disney classics.
For this, I have only watched three so far (Snow White, Hercules and Moana). This will be an easy fix though as I plan to watch a lot during Summer. With a Marvel marathon due, I don’t have time to commit right now to the Disney marathon. I will make sure to achieve this by the end of the year though.

2. Watch movies from 10 different countries.
So far, I am on track with this one with three films (Blue is the Warmest Colour/France, Nymphomaniac/Sweden and Veronica/Spain). I am staying safe with European choices so I want to break away from this in the next quarter. This could include Japan with a Studio Ghibli film, or venturing into Bollywood films in India.

3. Go to the cinema to watch 40 unique films.
Just like my previous resolution, I am on track with this one having seen 11 unique films in cinema. This will continue to go up as films such as Solo and Infinity War are released. 40 was a good choice I feel as it gives me three months to watch 10 films, something that isn’t too much for my work and college schedule but a nice number to catch up on the biggest releases.

4. Watch the equivalent of 1 new film a day (365 films in total)
This is the one I was overly ambitious on. As of right now I have seen 33 unique films, and a total of 45 films. That is roughly one film every 2 days, and one new film every 3 days. Instead of trying to watch a completely new film every day, I hope to have seen one film every two days. It could be a repeat, and I would prefer most of them to be new, but I think one every two days is a good aim to have.

5. Watch at least 50 of the IMDb Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time
The IMDB list is always altering and changing, so for this I am going for the list that was set at the end of December 2017. So far, in this year I have seen only five of the films on the list. However, a lot of them will fit into other bucket list items such as Disney, foreign language films or Studio Ghibli, so I should get a few more ticked off by the next quarter.

6. Attend 3 midnight premiere screening
This one will not happen. I have not gone to any yet, and if I am not seeing Infinity War at a midnight screening, then I am not going to see any movie this year at a midnight premiere screening. This one is going to be changed to something which is much more realistic, and that is a Cineworld Unlimited screening. If you don’t know what that is, it is essentially where Unlimited cardholders get to see a movie weeks before it is officially released in the UK. I have seen one film this year in that format (Ready Player One) and I plan to go and see more when they fit into my schedule.

7. Attend a VIP, IMAX, 4DX and SuperScreen showing in cinemas
Out of this list, I have done two. I went to see Black Panther in 3D 4DX, and whilst I was in Glasgow to see Ready Player One on SuperScreen. I did not know how big the SuperScreen would be, but wow it is amazing. Supported by Dolby Atmos surround sound, the experience was absolutely fantastic. I will be back in Glasgow in July so hopefully I can experience the VIP cinema trip next time I am there.

8. Watch every Studio Ghibli film
Admittedly, I have not started on this resolution. Last year, I saw When Marnie Was There on the big screen and I absolutely loved it. It is sad especially since the founder of Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata has passed away in the past few days. It seems more fitting than ever to find these films and binge watch them.

Some are getting on really well, and some not so much. I am also really pleased at my blogging resolution. Sure, I have had to change the days of my schedule, and I may have missed a blog post or two, but I am finding my self to be more consistent and passionate about my blogging. I really hope to keep this up for many more months to come.

Until Wednesday, that was some film for thought.

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