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Avengers: Infinity War Non Spoiler Review

This is it guys. The big one. The one to beat them all. The one that has been a 10 year build up (6 years for Thanos himself). Infinity War. Of course, I had to see this on the first day that it came out. And that I did. So, did this behemoth of a movie deliver what it promised?

And I promise guys, no spoilers will be mentioned in this blog post.

The basic premise of Avengers: Infinity War centres around 22 main heroes going around the world to try and destroy all six infinity stones before the villain, Thanos, can get his hands on them and become so strong that he can accomplish whatever he wants.
The way I am going to construct this review is by breaking down both the positives and negatives (yes this film is far from perfect) and give my verdict from there. I feel like with another viewing, the rating could go up or down so I will not be rating it as of right now.
Thanos: This is potentially the best villain we have ever seen in any comic film, let alone the MCU. Thanos truly believes that he is right and will do everything to get his way. This makes for a fantastic villain, and we see him go through grief, anger and issues to get to his destination. He is incredibly powerful, truly evil and within seconds, you know he is going to leave a big mark in the MCU as we know it.
The first two thirds: I could hardly fault the first two thirds of this film. A steady plot building and developing from sub-plots and major points that have been pointed out by the MCU over the past few years.
The locations: This film is set over a variety of locations. Each one seemed to make sense with the characters though. It made sense that the Guardians were in space, or that Black Panther was home in Wakanda. There were some nice touches though. Being a Scot, I loved seeing the cast in Scotland and having it be a part of the film.
The pairings: Whilst some of the pairings may seem weird to begin with, at the end they made for great camaraderie and works well for the movies. Tony Stark and Doctor Strange are both from New York and have the same manners and sarcastic tone, so to put them together is brilliant. The Guardians and Thor are the space heroes who are gaining great popularity nowadays, so that pairing was fantastic to see play out.
The humour: This film is following from Thor: Ragnaraok, Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming. They are three different films that tackle humour in different methods. Somehow though, they managed to make all of it blend and come together really nicely. It felt like one director did the whole movie, but took nuances from each character’s respected films to make them flow nicely. This was a nice touch to see the styles come about.
The last third: The last third was a real shift from the first two-thirds. Yes, there would be given the ending is near. I won’t go into what I didn’t like due to spoiler territory, but I will expand on it when I have my spoiler review up. Safe to say though, the last third feels like a set-up for the next film. It just didn’t feel complete or satisfactory to me. It also felt very Marvel, where they will do what they always do and go back on themselves.
Specific character actions: I feel like this is going to be addressed in the next film, but right now Infinity War has made one character in particular look very stupid. I actually got mad when watching this scene play out in the cinema. I’m sure this will be rectified, but I just found a couple of characters to act weird or out of place.
The unbalance: This is undoubtedly Thanos’s movie. Nobody can dare take that away from him. However, between all of the other characters, some got a lot of screen time and some got little to none. There are even characters that I expected to appear in this film, that didn’t show up at all! I guess it would have been difficult to give everyone the same time slot or plot, but I wish some characters got more recognition.
Whilst I was slightly disappointed when I walked out of the cinema, sitting down and writing this post is getting me to think about all the great things that were in the film. There is one character that comes up that me and my boyfriend were shocked about. It was a fantastic experience, and I will certainly be seeing it again and hopefully like it even more afterwards.
What are your thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War? Did you have the same reaction to the ending as I did, or did you walk out loving it? Let me know in the comments, I love having discussions with you guys.
Until Sunday, that was some film for thought.

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