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Why I Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

These past few days have been very stressful for the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On Thursday, the show was revealed to be cancelled by their network FOX, and all hope seemed lost for a short time. However, with news that the show was available for other networks to pick up, the fans raised their voice and we were heard. Late Friday night, it was confirmed that NBC has picked up the show for a 13-episode season six.

If anyone knows me, I love this show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my favourite show of all time. So much so that my personal Twitter account is basically dedicated to the show. In this post, I am going to talk about why exactly I love this show, and why I believe that NBC is the perfect network to take back the show and continue the legacy of this show.

The Characters
A good show isn’t a good show without the characters. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s case, the characters are all fantastically written, and each of them are as important as each other. The lead character Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is hilarious, socially aware and truly gives off the passion of being a cop, along with his love for Die Hard.

The females of the team are all great representations for other women to watch. Rosa Dias (Stephanie Beatriz) is badass and doesn’t let a man hold her back, and not only that but she is representing Latinas and the LGBTQ+ community as a bisexual (both in the show and in real life). Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) may be the one person in the show that isn’t a cop, but she is headstrong and sarcastically funny. Another Latina on the show, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) may seem like a typical good girl to begin, but she is strong, dedicated and such a fantastic influence (as shown this season by becoming a Sergeant). As well as this, she can handle her drink as well as an in-work relationship with Peralta.

The guys of this show are also well realised. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is the best friend any person can have, always supporting Peralta through everything. Not only that, but he is truly passionate about his love of food, from blogging to running a food truck. Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) is such a strong Sergeant, and had such a big episode last season dealing with racism and racial profiling (something that occurs to this day in America). Following the racial awareness, there is also Raymond Holt (Andre Braughter). The leader of the precinct, Holt is a gay black man who has built up his career for over thirty years. His dry sarcastic humour is brilliant, and he is such an inspirational character to have.

The Social Issues
As mentioned with the characters, this show highlights many issues that are still currently happening in society today. Whilst society is progressing, this show highlights the problems that still exist.

In the season four episode “Moo Moo”, Terry Jeffords is stopped by a white policeman who racially profiles him. This episode deals with the impact this leaves on people like Jeffords, and his journey on reporting the policeman. Racism is still a big issue in America, and it is clear that black people can still be discriminated by the police.

Not only does this show deal with racism for black people, they also show representation for other nationalities. Out of the three female leads, two of them are Latina. The two ladies thought that one of them were going to get fired at some point, but the show cares so much about representation that they are not afraid to give the leads to people who aren’t the typical for most shows (white males).

This show also deals with homosexuality and representation of the LGBTQ+ community. Two of the leads are part of the community, with Holt being gay and Diaz being bisexual. We have seen both characters exploring their sexuality, with Holt being married and Diaz going on dates with both males and females. This is great representation and something that is needed in 2018.

The Gags
Whilst it does deal with the serious issues, the show also have a lot of comedic elements in it. A lot of this has to do with the gags that they have with the show.

For example, the Halloween episodes. Every season, there is a Halloween episode that has a bet amongst the cops to see who is the best in the precinct. Having done this for five season, you would think that there is no way it can surprise you anymore. However, every season it does. This tradition is one of the best in any TV show.

There is also the cold opens that they have. A “cold open” is the beginning of the show, which most cases has little to do with the entire show, but sets the tone and creates humour. The biggest example from Brooklyn Nine-Nine came from this season, with Peralta making the criminals sing I Want It That Way. This clip went viral and showed how great this show really is, and set the humour of the episode.

The Support
This past week has seen so many people tweet out their support to the show. It is these voices that got the show back on the cards and bought by NBC.
Along with the hundreds of thousands of fans, a lot of celebrities tweeted out their support. Guillermo Del Toro, Best Director winner at the Oscars this year, tweeted: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine has given us fully human characters, beautiful, powerful, flawed, vulnerable, majestic… In whichever form, B99 must return. It will. And I will be there to watch. And, it is my hope that I hope that, this time, a lot more people do too.”
One of the biggest voices raised was from Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. Retweeting his love for the show and it’s return, he originally tweeted: 
Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 😩😭😫😢 I’m SO not ready to say . Be forewarned -when networks dump shows I love, I’m known for holding grudges a long, L-O-N-G time. I’m still mad didn’t renew ! 😡

Other people who raised their voice for their love of Brooklyn Nine Nine includes Lin-Manuel Miranda, Seth Meyers, America Ferrera, and YouTubers MatPat and TomSka.

So with all that, why is NBC the right network to air the show? Well, there was issues with Hulu taking it on as it is a American only streaming network, which means international play is non-existent. As well as that, it is partially owned by FOX which means it simply wouldn’t happen.

NBC was the original home the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as for Andy Samberg and Michael Schur (the writer of the show). This is also a prime time for comedy on the network, coming alongside Superstore and The Good Place. With previous comedy sitcoms The Office and Parks and Recreation coming from NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine can finally feel at home.

When I had planned this blog post on Friday, I was expecting to write something in more of an aggressive tone. I was expecting to write a plea to save the show, and demand networks to pick it up. There is still a battle for some fan favourite shows to get saved, from the likes of Lucifer and Scorpion, and from a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the fans of those shows I say to raise your voice. Create those petitions, tweet the networks, support your fellow cast members. They need all the support they can get. If my favourite show can get saved from the wrath of FOX, I feel like Lucifer may have a chance as well.

Until next time, that was some film for thought.

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