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July 2018 Round-Up: Moving Forward

Wow… what a month this has been for me. I am sincerely sorry about the lack of posts that have gone up this month, particularly in the past two weeks. I have finished college and therefore I have started to work full-time in two jobs until University starts. Because of this, I am working roughly 35-40 hours a week and any spare time I have has to go to family and friends, as well as other activities and commitments I have such as the local film club that I go to.

July has been a hectic month for me. This is the month that I realised that for my blog, I need to put a lot of time and effort into what I write. Whatever I post on here, I want to be a true reflection on my abilities, passion, and belief of film-making and my personal opinions. Looking back on the reviews and posts that I wrote this month, I am happy with what I created. I was particularly pleased with my Friends review, as I felt that I got a lot of my opinions in, as well as addressed issues and problems that other people had with the show. This is definitely something that I want to continue doing throughout my future reviews.

Source: Pixar Animations

Whilst I have not been blogging as much, I do have a lot of content planned. I have reviews of Incredibles 2, TAG and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again to write, alongside a review of the VIP experience at Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street. With the Disney/FOX deal going through, I want to look at the terms of that deal and see where that leaves franchises such as X-Men sitting with Dark Phoenix on the horizon.

This month has been a great month for films. I have seen all of the movies that I have mentioned above, and I will just say now that one of them has become only the fourth film to earn a perfect 10/10 rating for me (as you will see in future reviews). This is turning out to be an interesting year for films, and it will only get better within the next month. Whilst I missed a bunch of releases that looked unique, such as Hotel Artemis, I am glad of the films I did get around to seeing.

I also got an offer to co-write on someone else’s blog this month. I will not be giving away any details yet as I am still to agree to the offer (which I will be doing), but I will be preparing and making that blog post and keep it updated here as well as my social media accounts. I am hoping to potentially get some blogging friends to contribute on here, and get them to write a list of films that they love and recommend to you guys. I will be developing that idea in the coming months and hopefully we can see it come through.

There is a lot of progress to be made in August. I may still be very inconsistent here, and I sincerely apologise about that. I am working a total of 41 hours next week, and with that I have things to do alongside that. Next Tuesday (the 7th of August) I will be travelling to the Netherlands for a week, and I will not be spending much of that time online. I am doing activities there that will be content for this blog, so stay tuned for photographs and a “Film Day in Amsterdam” blog post to follow the holiday. Once I start University in September and go back to part-time work, my blogging will resume and a new schedule will be made.

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In terms of upcoming releases for August, I will finally get to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. It has annoyed me that a lot of my friends have seen the film and I haven’t had the chance to due to the release date in the UK. I will be seeing it right before I leave for Amsterdam, so I will try my hardest to get a review for that one out right before the holiday. As well as that, with films such as Christopher Robin and Mission: Impossible Fallout to watch, this may turn out to be a fantastic month for film in general.

So yeah, July may not have been the best month for me, this blog or for seeing films. However, this jam-packed month has been an eye opener for what I need to do in the future, as well as setting me up financially for my holiday. Hopefully, between the content I have to prepare for now, as well as future films I am going to see, I can try to be a little bit more consistent. It may not get much better until September, but I will try my hardest for you guys to try and get new content out weekly, if not even more regularly.

Until next time, that was some film for thought.

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