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August 2018: A big break, and a stepping stone

Hello everyone, it has certainly been a while since I have been able to sit down and actually write something out. I sincerely apologise for the long breaks that have happened over Summer. Unlike most people, I find myself to get busy and over-worked during the long holidays. I have been wanting to write on this blog for a long time now, but a mixture of things have lead me to not being able to do so.

I thought for this post I should just sit down and go through the month of August. There have been some amazing moments this month, but also some things that haven’t been as great. A lot has also changed for me in my life, and I am taking steps to ensure the upcoming months are easy-going as big things are ahead.

My Trip to The Netherlands

Film For Thought, PlaneA big thing that happened to me this month was my holiday to The Netherlands. One of my closest friends Kirsten lives there and we have been Internet friends for over four years now. Last year, she flew over to Scotland to meet me so this year it was my turn to fly over and spend time in her country. This was nervous to say the least as this was the first time I was going abroad.
Everything went smoothly though, and safe to say I absolutely loved the trip! It was amazing to get to see Kirsten again, and it leaves us with many options as to what we want to do to meet up again next Summer. Whilst I was in the Netherlands, I got to visit so many tourist attractions, such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House.
There was going to be a plan to do a cinema tour, which showcases one of the cinemas in Amsterdam that still has the old-cinema aesthetic and look to it. However, that wasn’t available the day we had cleared for it so instead we just went to the cinema and watched Deadpool 2 (which is just as good the second time).
Despite all of the museums and tours around Amsterdam and The Hague, my favourite part of the trip was going to the Netherlands’ biggest theme park, the Efteling. Before this trip I was not much of an adrenaline junkie as such, but I loved every single rollercoaster I was on. It was such a thrill and even though it was a last-minute plan to visit it, I am so glad we went and I wish I could go back immediately.
I would love to go back to the Netherlands sometime soon. This holiday definitely opened my eyes to travelling and visiting other countries. I would love to explore all of Europe, and I am hoping that one day I can go road tripping either through Europe or America and explore what the rest of the World has to offer me.

Film Viewing in August

Film For Thought, To All The Boys I Loved Before
Source: Netflix
Admittedly, the amount of movies I have watched in August hasn’t been great. I have been very busy this month with holidays, work and preparing for university life. I have gotten around to a couple of smaller/older films that I will be needing to review. 
At the start of the month, I finally got to see Ant-Man and the Wasp despite a month delay between the US and UK release dates. This trend of releasing movies in different countries at different times is not benefitting anyone and I feel it really hurt Ant-Man and the Wasp from performing well in the UK box office. I also saw Deadpool 2 again, but unfortunately those were my only cinema trips for this month. I need to see Christopher Robin and hopefully I will get to very soon.
Aside from that, I have been watching a lot of Netflix and TV. Admittedly, a lot of my TV time has been spent on new episodes of Catfish as well as re-watching Friends with my boyfriend who is only watching it for the first time. In terms of films, I am watching a bunch of coming-of-age films for a project I have going on. This meant that I just watched Perks of Being a Wallflower for the first time, and a review should be going up at sometime but it definitely lived up to the book. I also tried to watch To All The Boys I Loved Before, but just like the book I couldn’t enjoy it and found it to be too cliched and cheesy. A full review of that film will be coming out at some point as well.
September looks like it might be a good month for me. I will finally have time to go to the cinema more often, so films like The Happytime Murders and Christopher Robin will finally be seen, and I will also be looking forward to the new releases such as Crazy Rich Asians and The Nun. However, Netflix will have me hooked in as they release Season 5 of BoJack Horseman, easily my favourite adult animated show (sorry Rick and Morty).

Hitting Reset on Life

Film For Thought, EIFF
Source: Edinburgh International Film Festival
So, August has certainly been a hectic month for me. Sure, I may not have college or university going on, but I do have two jobs and around 40 hours of work a week to get on with. This has taken up a lot of my time, and has also physically drained me. I would sleep in, eat a lot of food before my evening shift would start and before I knew it, I was home and ready to sleep. A solid five to six weeks of my holiday was exactly like that.
Well that is now no more. As of this week, I am now back down to one job. I will now be working less than 20 hours a week whilst I go on to do a joint honours degree in English and Film and Visual Culture at University. I am so excited to get to learn more about film, and how to improve my writing alongside that. I want my future to be focused on film reviewing, blogging and writing. I hope the course I chose can lead me to this.
Of course, with going to University means living a University lifestyle. This means that I am going to be joining English and Film societies, as well as potentially writing for the newspaper. i want to get as much practice as I can for writing, filmmaking and everything in between.
Along with that, I am in the Young Programmers which is a group of young people who watch and review films, and then get amazing opportunities such as arrange a film festival and help pick films for events such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival. This is an incredible group that I have been a part of since the start of 2018 and I am glad that I get to be a part of it. There will be more things about this group coming up in the near future, so look out for blog posts at some point.

The Future of Film For Thought

This blog may still not updated regularly for the next week or two as I start life at University. However, I have plans for a schedule as well as content that I want to upload. In terms of reviews, I would realistically like to upload one review a week. This is obviously depending on what is out and what I end up being able to see. I have a backlog of films to review right now, so reviews may be more frequent once I am able to start committing once again.
In terms of my other content, I want to be a little more relaxed to begin with. Instead of doing full blown essays or articles on current news, trending topics and controversies in Hollywood, I want to focus on myself and my love for film. Whether I do lists of my favourite things in film, show off my collection of film-related Funko Pop Vinyls or a movie haul collection, that is the direction I want to go with my blog right now. Of course, if I want to cover something more controversial, then I will do providing I feel I have a voice to add.
In good news with my blog, I got my first major shout-out! This came from my local cinema, the Belmont Filmhouse, which is the reason for my Young Programmers group. If you want to see the post and give some appreciation to their page, the link to my review on their website is here. I am definitely still a tiny film blogger surrounded by thousands of other film reviewers, bloggers and vloggers across the world, but I would love to keep making my voice heard and people see my reviews of films that I truly love.
So that is it. That has been my life for the past month. I will probably not be active on here officially until the 7th of September when a full post schedule will be made, but if I have time I will make sure to get a review up as soon as I can.
Let me know in the comments how your month has gone. Have you had any amazing trips this Summer, or have you been busy with work yourself? Also, I would love to know what films you watched this month and whether they were hit or misses. I love reading your comments!
Until next time, that was some film for thought.

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