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Trailer Review: Captain Marvel

I am the sort of person that only wants to see one trailer for any big blockbuster. Marvel is the prime example of that. I do not like it when trailers give away too much, and nowadays that is all too often. I avoided the first trailer for Captain Marvel when it was released simply because I just didn’t feel the need to watch it, as I am already going in to see this film. However, with the mighty anticipation for the Avengers 4 trailer being released sometime this month, I figured that I should give the second trailer for Captain Marvel a try.

Captain Marvel Trailer Shot - source: Marvel Studios

It is a good job that Marvel is in the position that they are in where most fans will see anything they release in cinemas, because Captain Marvel is sadly proving to be a hard sale. What is going to make Captain Marvel a hard sale for fans of Marvel is this late inclusion of the hero. It just so happens that one of the supposed strongest and near-invincible heroes is going to join the MCU a mere month before the biggest film in Marvel history. So much so that people are dreading that she will eventually defeat Thanos in the upcoming film and take the limelight. I do not feel like they are going to do this, but it certainly looks that way when seeing the timeline.

I have heard mixed reviews about this trailer, and whilst it certainly isn’t perfect I think it is a great introduction to the character of Carol Danvers. Bear in mind that Marvel is trying to market this film to an audience of people that isn’t instantly going to go and see this film. They have some light humour in there from the tube scene where she is punching what appears to be an elder, to showing bad-ass moments like the fight sequence going into space. This is the first official Marvel film to have a female lead, and that in itself is going to be a huge appeal to audiences.

I was a bit hesitant to the project when it was in production. I wasn’t a huge fan of the suit in particular, but now in the shots it actually doesn’t look as bad. Brie Larson looks great as Danvers and I know she is going to nail this role. With Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg coming back to reprise their roles as Fury and Coulson, this film is going to be a lot of fun and I seriously hope the community get behind Captain Marvel as a character in the MCU.

What did you make of the Captain Marvel trailer? Let me know in the comments below.

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