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Awards Season: The Shocks of the Golden Globes

Today is officially the start of awards season for Hollywood as the Golden Globes nominations took place this year. It seems like they are trying to draw in a bigger audience for this show, and that is down to having Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg pair up and host the big sow on January 6th. I am extremely hyped about this as not only were they incredibly cool and funny announcing an award at the Emmys, but I am a huge fan of Samberg in particular.

This morning in America, a star-studded group including Terry Crews, Christian Slater, Danai Gurira and Leslie Mann all took to the stage to announce the nominees. Whilst they announced the nominations for both TV and film, I will only talk about the film categories here as I am not well acquainted on the TV side of awards season. All I will say is this: Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserved some love, but I am incredibly happy for The Good Place and also the British shows that got recognised, Killing Eve and Bodyguard.
If I was to sit here and write about every category of the film section, this post would be way too long. So instead, I am going to share some highlights, snubs and events that could highlight where the Oscar is going to go in 2019.
1. The biggest news headline coming from this is that Black Panther got in for Best Motion Picture: Drama. This has broken headlines as the first comic book film to ever receive a nomination in this category. This is also joined with two other films that focus primarily on black people and racism: BlacKkKlansman and If Beale Street Could Talk. Now, whilst Black Panther won’t win (it’s between A Star is Born and If Beale Street Could Talk), this is still major news. Whilst I feel Logan deserved this honour more a few years ago, it is awesome to see comic book movies get recognised in these categories.
2. The other shocks for the Best Motion Picture categories, both Drama and Musical or Comedy, comes from Bohemian Rhapsody and Crazy Rich Asians. I love Bohemian Rhapsody, but due to the critical backlash I was worried it would not do well in awards season. I unfortunately did not see Crazy Rich Asians, but I never even heard that one being up for any awards contender. However, I guess the Musical or Comedy category was a lot weaker than the Drama category and that’s why it snuck in there.
3. There are some major snubs in the acting category, including Sam Elliott for Supporting Actor in A Star is Born. He was incredible in the role, and yet this year has been a tough year with many actors going for that category. Whilst I find it a shame, there are still chances that the SAG or the BAFTA will give him that nomination.
4. The snub of First Man. Every year, there is one film that goes under the radar and does not get any of the predicted nominations. This one is a huge shock as the film was made for awards season (a patriotic biopic set around space travel) and directed by an Oscar winner and starring an Oscar nominee. Yet the only nominations this film got was Supporting Actress for Claire Foy and Original Score. Nothing for Damien Chazelle, nothing for Ryan Gosling, and no nomination for Motion Picture: Drama. This is a huge shock, and it suggests that this film may even struggle to get into Best Picture at the Oscars.
5. This is one that I am really sad about, and whilst I expected it I wanted to see some love for the horror films of 2018. Yes, A Quiet Place got a nomination for Best Score. That was it though. Emily Blunt got her nomination for Mary Poppins Returns, but there was nothing for John Krasinski. There was also nothing for Hereditary, including Toni Collette who gave my performance of the entire year. This is such a shame as that film deserved so much recognition for the acting and how creative it was.
6. There are some surprises for people who got into these categories, particularly Acting in Musical or Comedy. Whilst this is considered an easier category to get nominated in, the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda (Mary Poppins Returns) and John C. Reilly (Stan & Ollie) getting in is fantastic. I also love seeing Elsie Fisher getting a nomination for herself and for Eighth Grade, which is huge for Bo Burnham to now have directed a Golden Globe nominated film.
And there we go. Those were my thoughts on the Golden Globe nominations for this year. I am pleasantly surprised with the list, and it will be interesting to see what they award the wins to on January 6th. Does this now sea the fate on Black Panther getting that prestigious Best Picture nomination? Does Bohemian Rhapsody also have a chance now, seeing how well it did over First Man? Is Damien Chazelle going to lose out on the Best Director category, one that so many of us predicted would be easy for him?
Is there any other big shocks that I missed from this list? Let me know in the comments below and lets start a conversation.

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