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Awards Season: Reaction to the Critics Choice Awards Nominations

Out of every major film award show in the season, the Critics Choice award is the one I always forget about. Yes, it is less prestigious than the others and an even worse base for predicting the Oscars, but with nominating ten films for Best Picture and six to seven nominations for each category, it is interesting to see. This award show also covers technical categories that the Golden Globes, so it is truly the first major award show to do so. There are a few headlines that are making their way round, so it is time to see what is going on with the nominations for the Critics Choice Awards 2019.

The Favourite (2018) – source: Fox Searchlight Pictures

1. The top three nominated films are The Favourite (14), Black Panther (12) and First Man (10). Whilst The Favourite is no shock to me, due to three nominations in acting alone, I have to say that Black Panther and First Man are potentially getting a lot of their awards for technical aspects. It is also surprising to see the love for First Man, considering how few award nominations it got in the Golden Globes a few days ago. Perhaps this is the momentum and headlines the movie needs for it’s Oscar campaign.

2. A lot of my favourite performances of the year that god snubbed at the Golden Globes are being recognised here, particularly Sam Elliott in A Star is Born and Toni Collette in Hereditary. These should have been locks at the Golden Globes as they are simply the best performances in their respected categories. Whether this nomination for Collette only came through because of the seven nomination spaces or because they actually just remembered her performance, I do not care because it was well earned.

3. Out of the ten nominations for Best Picture, eight of them were also up for their respected Best Picture categories at the Golden Globes. Whilst Roma was up for Best Foreign Language Picture at the Golden Globes, First Man wasn’t even nominated for the Best Picture and both of them made it to the Critics Choice list. This eliminated Crazy Rich Asians from this list, but also Bohemian Rhapsody which I am gutted at. The only shock from this list is possibly Mary Poppins Returns, as I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be getting as much love as it has.

Hereditary (2018) – source: A24

4. The one unique category in the Critics Choice Awards that I really like is Best Acting Ensemble. This awards the entire cast of a film for their hard work, chemistry and performance. In terms of the nominations, they are predictable. This is where Crazy Rich Asians gets it’s nomination as well as Widows, but it seems clear that having all of their main actresses nominated is going to help The Favourite win this award. I almost feel like Bohemian Rhapsody deserved some love here, even just for the casting of all the members in Queen as well as getting Mike Myers on board.

Those are my quick thoughts on the nominations for the Critics Choice Awards. These thoughts and snubs will get shortened by each award show as the same nominations are given out, but that also means that with each award show, the snubs and surprises become more obvious and fun to point out. The Screen Actor Guild nominations are out on Wednesday, and that will be the first major test to see who is on their way to an Oscar nomination.

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What are your thoughts on the Critic’s Choice Award nominations? What film are you cheering for this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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