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Awards Season: The SAG Nominations Surprised Me

Out of every award show nominations so far, the SAG Awards have surprised me the most. Since they only cover five categories for film, all in the acting category, this will be the easiest award nominations to cover. Here are my thoughts on the recent nominations:

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) – source: 20th Century Fox

1. Best Acting Ensemble is completely different to the Critics Choice Award nominations for the same category, but I am so happy about them. To see my two favourite films of the year nominated in this category, A Star is Born (which has three other nominations) and Bohemian Rhapsody (which got a nomination also for Malek, is so lovely to see. I was writing off Malek as Best Actor due to the backlash of the film and my love for Cooper, but he may be one of the ones to bear and I would also be so happy with that. For the casting of all of the Queen members alone, Bohemian Rhapsody deserves love for the entire ensemble.

2. Emily Blunt is easily the biggest shock of the nominations. Not only did she get into Best Lead Actress for Mary Poppins Returns, but she also got Best Supporting Actress for A Quiet Place. She thoroughly deserves her nomination for A Quiet Place, and it is so nice to see that film get some love. It is also rare to see the same person nominated for Supporting and Lead, so that is an incredible achievement for her.

3. I am starting to lose hope for Toni Collette. Once again, another award show forgets about her incredible performance in Hereditary and her chances of the Oscar nomination is slimming. This is easily my favourite performance of the year, and I still truly feel that she not only deserve the nomination, but also the win.

A Quiet Place (2018) – source: Paramount Pictures

4. There is only one category that I feel is locked, and that is Supporting Actor. All five nominees on there (aside from Elliott) have been up for Supporting Actor in the other award shows, and there was major backlash when Elliott didn’t get the Golden Globe nominations. This is the list we are going to see when it comes to the Oscars for sure.

5. This is another let down for First Man, as not even Claire Foy could get her Supporting Actress nomination. The Oscars age going to award this show for their technical aspects like Sound Design and Cinematography, but their chances of the acting categories is getting smaller by each award show. This is something that nobody would have expected even a few months ago, due to the big names in front and behind the camera on the project. Just goes to show that big names do not guarantee a success.

Those were my quick thoughts on the SAG Award nominations. The presentation was very short and simple, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am overall pleased with the nominations here, especially the love for A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody. This is the last of the major nominations to be done until January, so it is now time to see how these movies campaign to turn their nominations into wins, and also see how films such as First Man and Hereditary can make their voices heard and grab themselves some nominations come Oscar night.

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