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Four Reasons Why I Love Horror Films

If I was asked what my favourite movie genre was, there would be several answers to that question. In this blogging series, I am going to address my favourite genres and why they work for me. I will be getting onto musicals and fantasy later on, but my absolute favourite genre has to be horror. Whether this is psychological, thriller or slasher, I absolutely love horror. The more gruesome and gory it is, the more I find myself enjoying it. Here is a list of reasons why I love the horror genre:

Psycho (1960) – source: Universal Pictures

1. Horror is the reason I got into analysing films and taking film and media as my degree at University. When I studied film and TV at school, we were taught about horror. From Psycho to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, we had to learn about the techniques and signs used in horror to create the creepy atmosphere. This gave me a big appreciation and love for the genre, as I saw how much work needed to be done to create a good horror.

2. It is one of the hardest genres I feel to pull off. It isn’t as easy as creating a bunch of fighting scenes and calling it an action film, or creating a couple and calling it a romance. Horror revolves around a dark background, effective scares and tension that builds throughout the story. When pulled off, it is absolutely fantastic. Otherwise, it can fall really quickly.

3. Horror allows for creativity. A lot of horrors nowadays surround themselves with the supernatural, and that is because the options are wide open for interpretation. Is it a monster? Is it a vampire or werewolf? Is it a ghost or spirit? In horror, you aren’t just restricted to the real world, and that is what can create the tension. The unknown can be a dark and mysterious thing.

Get Out (2017) – source: Blumhouse Pictures

4. Horror has been doing exceptionally well in the past few years. This year alone we had two of the best films of the year, A Quiet Place and Hereditary, be horror films. Last year, Get Out came out and it was absolutely fantastic, even winning an Oscar for Jordan Peele for Best Original Screenplay. This isn’t even just film, in the past few years TV has stepped up the horror game. American Horror Story has been one of the biggest shows of the decade, and Netflix released The Haunting of Hill House this year, which has been an incredible success.

Those are my reasons on why I love horror, and as long as good quality horror films continue to be released, I don’t see myself choosing any other genre above it.

Do you like horror just as much as I do? Is there another genre you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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