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Why I Check Out Movies in the Cinema Numerous Times

A cinematic experience is unlike any other movie-watching experience to me. I have previously written about why I prefer a cinematic experience, and why I go to the cinema a lot more times than the average person. It is very common for me to go and see four to five movies a month, if not more. This obviously comes down to work schedules and university workloads, but I always love seeing the newest movies. A lot of us always try and see the hottest releases and the big Oscar contenders. However, unlike most people, I can sometimes go and see the same movie on numerous occasions.

Deadpool 2 (2018) – source: 20th Century Fox

Yes, there are people that will find that weird. Why spend your time seeing the same movie when there are loads of other choices at the cinema? Well, whilst it is only on certain occasions that I do this, I really enjoy going back and getting a second (or third) impression of the movie. In the year 2018, I have seen Hereditary and Deadpool 2 twice, Avengers: Infinity War three times and, surprisingly, Bohemian Rhapsody four times. Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody is my most viewed cinema release of 2018, above anything from Marvel or Disney. Who would have guessed that at the start of the year.

But why exactly do I do this? Well, to begin, there are all movies that I thoroughly enjoyed. Obvious, but it is the truth. There is something about those specific films that had an appeal to see them numerous times, such as hidden easter eggs or plot devices that are made to be seen on a repeat viewing. Marvel creates content that is easily re-watchable and that is the joy of those films. For all of the films I went to, I enjoyed watching them more the second time round, and that was because I could appreciate everything that the film was presenting.

The great thing about going to the cinema is going with your friends and family, especially if it is also their first viewing. I went to Hereditary on my own for the first viewing, and then I saw it with a film group I am a part of. There were people there that had seen it and also who hadn’t seen it, but we all absolutely enjoyed watching it. With Deadpool 2, both times I saw it were easily some of the best cinema experience I had in the year. It was chill both times, so I was cracking jokes and I also watched it once with my boyfriend and once with my best mate when I got to visit her in The Netherlands, so that just added to the experience.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) – source: 20th Century Fox

Bohemian Rhapsody is a unique case, where I have seen it with the same person for all four viewings. This film has everything in it, from the fantastic music of Queen, as well as a mix of drama and comedy that works brilliantly. Not one scene drags on or feels unnecessarily, it is a beautifully edited film. I guess by watching the film, it gives me an escape to the world of Queen for two hours, and simply put it this way: if you look at my recent Spotify playlist, it will say that I have only listened to Queen since the start of November.

As a film fan and reviewer, I feel like most films should be watched numerous times. To give an opinion and review of a film from one viewing is fair and typical, due to it being an honest opinion and a fresh view on the story and where it went. However, to analyse or critically review a film, it needs to be watched numerous times. Once you know all of the plot points and shocking twists, does the movie still hold up? Can a film like Get Out, which has a huge twist in the film, hold up once you know that twist? By watching it several times, a movie can either become better or worse, and that is the true quality of a film. (and if you’re curious to my view of Get Out, it is even better the second time you watch it.)

Captain America: Civil War (2016) – source: Marvel Studios

Yes, most people do not go to the cinema that often. Whether it is due to time or money, it is fair that they choose new experiences to enjoy and stay to the genres they like. However, as someone who studies Film and Visual Culture at University, as well as being a member of film groups and societies, this is something I am passionate about and will spend all my time doing. Having the Cineworld Unlimited card also helps, as it only costs me roughly £18 a month for as many film showings I want, which easily covers the four times I’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody alone. If you are a film fan in the UK and live by a Cineworld, it is definitely worth checking out. It will make it easier to afford seeing the same movie several times, and even seeing new movies more often.

The average person will wonder why I see a movie numerous times in cinema and don’t wait for it to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray, but just like I mention in previous blog posts, I simply prefer the cinematic experience. If I want to see a movie again so badly, I would rather not wait two months for it to be out. I may be in the minority, but as someone who went to see Captain America: Civil War twice in the same day alone, there is something about watching a movie on the big screen and appreciating all of the moments and scenes that I didn’t fully do in the first watch.

Do you go and watch films several times in the cinema, or do you stick to only watching it once? What are your reasons for going again, or only seeing it once? Let me know in the comments below.

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