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Why You Should Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Tonight

Tonight is the debut of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC, and it is the start of season six. It is very important that this season does well, as it has been previously cancelled by FOX in the past year. This is a show that deserves to do well and earn itself another season, and here is why you should check out the latest season on release date.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season six) – source: NBC

1. (SPOILERS FOR SEASON FIVE) This first episode of the season is titled “Honeymoon” and will immediately pick up where season five left off, where we will find out whether Holt will become Commissioner. We will also get to see Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon, and see what antics are to be had when they get a break from the precinct.

2. This season will see Chelsea Peretti depart from her role as Gina for a little while. While it will be sad to see her on screen for a while, this does mean that we will be getting some iconic performances from her in this latest season, with photos from set revealing a plot between her and Charles as well as an undercover case with Jake.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season six) – source: NBC

3. The second episode of the season in named “Hitchcock and Scully”, and this will be the season that they get more of a lead than ever before. Not only do they have an episode named after them, but they are also officially part of the main cast now. There is so much that the crew can do with these characters, and I certainly hope that we get a bit of their past in their very own episode.

4. Now that they have moved to the NBC, we could get even better content from the show. They are now sharing networks with The Good Place and Superstore, as well as having the same writers and producers as The Good Place and Parks and Recreation. NBC is also a bigger channel and have been doing amazing promoting the show, with the B99 Twitter account going full force as well as Samberg’s hosting appearance in the Golden Globes. NBC seems to be proud of the show that the crew have created, and it shows in the advertising campaign.

Will you be watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight, or are you having to catch up on it from the country you live in? Are you as excited as me for the new season? Let me know in the comments below.

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