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Critic’s Choice Awards 2019: The Shocks and the Locks

We are now getting close to the Oscar nominations, and with that there is more pressure for films to win their upcoming awards. It was the Golden Globes last week, and last night saw the Critic’s Choice Awards. Whilst I did not watch this one live, and probably won’t be able to watch any other awards show live until the Oscars, I have looked over the wins and some of them are quite unexpected. Here is my coverage and thoughts on the Critic’s Choice Awards winners.

Roma (2018) – source: Netflix

I was incredibly pleased to see Roma come out on top for Best Picture. The more I think about it, the more it deserves to win the big award. Cuaron won Best Director, as he will continue to throughout the season, and with the incredible screenplay, cinematography, acting and editing, it does deserve to continue to sweep. It also took home Best Foreign Language Film, making it the big winner of the night.

The big talking moment was when the Critic’s Choice awarded two people Best Actress, Glenn Close and Lady Gaga. These two have been the talk of the town and whilst I am disappointed that Olivia Colman is starting to get pushed back, I am pleased for Gaga and Close. This only solidifies the fact that this is a tough race and either of them could get it on the night. My bet would still be on Close though, due to the under-performance of A Star is Born.

A Star is Born (2018) Рsource: Warner Bros. Pictures 

No category is locked up as much as Best Song, in which “Shallow” from A Star is Born is going to easily win. It is also seeming that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse may just be a lock for Best Animated Film, with it getting wins across the board. The Best Supporting Actor and Actress category awarded the same two people that the Golden Globes did in Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk and Mahershala Ali for Green Book, so they may be the safest bets in a year full of fantastic supporting performances.

The Best Actor category is getting even harder to predict now as Christian Bale has won it here for Vice. This is now a three-way race between Bale, Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born) and Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), but with the two musical performances potentially cancelling each other out, Bale may just have the edge here.

If Beale Street Could Talk (2019) – source: Annapurna Pictures

The biggest shock came from the Best Screenplay categories. First Reformed, a movie that has had little to no Oscar buzz up to now, managed to beat out films like The Favourite, Roma and Green Book to win Best Original Screenplay. This is a huge shock, and could be a new underdog just like with Get Out last year. With Best Adapted Screenplay, If Beale Street Could Talk managed to take it over the likes of A Star is Born. It was looking like If Beale Street Could Talk would vanish from the race, but these wins make it a much stronger competitor than people give it credit for.

As I predicted, First Man is still holding out incredibly strong in the technical categories, such as Best Score and Best Editing. It may be losing out on the bigger categories, but do not be shocked if it is one of the big winners of the Oscars because of the strong production behind it. This also goes for Black Panther, which does have a potential place in the bigger categories in nominations, but no where near any major wins. Critic’s Choice Awards gave Black Panther the award for Best Production Design and Costume Design, which are great signs that they will go and do the same at the Oscars.

There is not really any strong precursors to the Oscars anymore, and that is a good thing. I want there to be shocks and surprises, just like when Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out last year. It would be boring if a film swept every award or an award show predicted every win. There are still so many open categories this year, and with the nominations being released on January 22nd, we will have to wait until then to see who gets nominated, what film leads at the start and what direction the Oscars may go this year.

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