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2019 Bucket List

We may already be halfway through the month, but I have yet to share my bucket list for the year of 2019. Whilst I did one for 2018, it ended up being quite unsuccessful. This year, I will have a lot more time to blog and watch movies, and also know how much I can physically do. These are my blog and film bucket lists for the year of 2019.

1. Watch 100 films that I have not seen yet – there are so many films that I have planned to see that I need to get around to, and this will be the year that I sit down and watch some of the classics.
2. See 40 films in cinema – last year I got so close and made it to 38, so I know that 40 is a possible goal for me.
3. Go to 10 Unlimited Screenings – I own a Cineworld card and yet I never make the time to go to the Unlimited screenings. This is the year I make an effort and go to them, starting with at least one in January.
4. Watch 25 films from the 100 Movies Scratch poster – I have shockingly only watched 12 movies from the list in recent years, so I need to correct this and watch a few more on the list.
5. Watch films from 6 foreign countries (outside of the UK and US) – I have been meaning to explore out of my own language and appreciate films from around Europe, Asia etc. so this will help me in my goal.

1. Reach 50,000 total views – as of right now, I have about 25,000 total views and I hope to have at least doubled that by the end of the year.
2. Average a minimum of 2,000 views a month – I want to maintain consistency on this blog, and for that I need to keep posting and sharing my blog.
3. Gain on all of my social medias – I will link them at the end of this blog post, but I want to particularly grow and interact more on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
4. Post at least 15 times a month – I want to keep up with writing blog posts, and make time to write at least one blog post every two days.
5. Collaborate with another blog – this is one that I would be excited to do, and hope that I can achieve at some point. If you are interest in a collab, please let me know!

What do your bucket lists for the year look like? Let me know in the comments below and let’s encourage each other to grow and succeed!

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