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January Wrap Up

As people say at the start of the year, “New year, new me”. This month has been a very successful month for me, as well as this blog. Each month, I plan to write a blog post reflecting on the previous month. This will talk about whether I achieved my personal goals for the month, as well as look back on the films I watched and the posts I made.

Photo source: Cineworld

I had four goals set up for this month, and I achieved two of them:

1. Watch 20 films this month. I completed this easily by watch 25 films in January. This is easily done as I have had to watch quite a few of the films for my University course. I hope to keep this record up.

2. Write 20 blog posts this month. I also completed this one, writing a total of 21 blog posts in January. I already know this will decrease in the upcoming months as assessment dates get closer, but I do want to maintain a schedule for posting on the blog.

3. Finish watching The Haunting of Hill House. In honesty, I haven’t even continued with the show. I watched the first episode a while ago and I love it, but I do not have the time right now for the show, whilst I have Brooklyn Nine-Nine on air now and whilst I try and finish The Good Place. I will get around to finishing season one of The Haunting of Hill House, but possibly not until nearer the release of season two.

4. Find one writing opportunity. Unfortunately, this is seeming to be harder than I imagined. I did pursue two opportunities, but I have not had a response from either of them as of yet. I will keep working on it, but not make it a monthly or regular goal.

The Favourite (2019) – source: Fox Searchlight

As I said, I managed to watch 25 films this month. 19 of them were new watches for me, and five of them were seen at the cinema. If I had to highlight my favourite film of the month, it would be a tie between Roma and The Favourite. There is no wonder why both of these films got a total of ten nominations each at the Oscars. I love the editing and story of both films, and they were both filled with fantastic characters and performances.

In terms of my blog this month, I have made a lot of progress from this time last year. This is the first month in history that I have had 5,000 views in a single month. Not only that, but I also hosted my first competition! To get eleven entries for my first ever competition was exciting for me, and it brought in a surge of followers not only to my blog, but also on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so thank you so much for your support.

If I was to pick a favourite blog post from the past month, I would pick my “How to Make a Film Journal” post. I am still keeping up with my film journal, and I loved how the result of the post turned out. I also hope to aspire some of you to keep a physical record of your cinema tickets or film reviews, as you can look back later on in life and see if your tastes have evolved or changed.

I have much doubt that February will be as good for me. I have five assessments due this month, and I will be much more busy. I still hope to upload once every two days, but I will keep working hard and giving you my thoughts on all things film related.

How has your month been? Have you had a fantastic month filled with succeeding goals, or have you just been relaxing and enjoying your first month of the year? Let me know in the comments below, and let’s encourage each other to continue to succeed in the upcoming month. January may have been long and hard, but let’s push for an even better February!

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