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ABC Film Challenge

There has been a small trend that I have seen going round called the ABC Challenge. This is a challenge when you list your favourite books or films, but they each have to start with one of the letters from the alphabet. Sounds easy, but there are a couple of letters that are difficult to get one film or book from. The only formatting rule is that you leave out the words ‘A’ and ‘The’ at the start of a title, and base the title of the next word (for example, The Goonies would go under the letter G).

I did manage to get a film for every letter, but letters such as U and X had little to choose from. Some of the harder letters came from the films I had to leave off my list, such as The Breakfast Club for the letter B and A Star is Born for the letter S. My list is a personal list, so it is my favourite movies. I have a lot of comic book and animated films, as well as some Oscar movies, some classics and a couple of odd cheesy choices (see choice Y). However, I am proud of my list and I wonder how many of these letters will change in the upcoming years. Without further ado, here is my ABC Challenge.

Avengers Assemble (2012) – source: Marvel Studios

A: Avengers, The
B: Back to the Future
C: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
D: Disaster Artist, The
E: Empire Strikes Back, The
F: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
G: Get Out
H: Home Alone
I: Incredibles, The

La La Land (2016) – source: Lionsgate

J: Jungle Book, The (1967)
K: Kingsman: The Secret Service
L: La La Land
M: Martian, The
N: Now You See Me
O: On The Waterfront
P: Psycho
Q: Quiet Place, A
R: Roma

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) – source: The Weinstein Company

S: Silver Linings Playbook
T: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
U: Unbreakable
V: Vertigo
W: Wizard of Oz, The
X: X:Men: First Class
Y: You’ve Got Mail
Z: Zombieland

What do you think of my list? Which film is your favourite from my list, and what would you put on your list? Let me know and feel free to do the ABC Challenge yourself and tag me in it on Twitter @film_thought. I would love to see your personal lists!

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