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Trailer Reviews (February 2019)

There has been a huge treat for cinema fans, especially in the last week, in terms of new content. Studios are starting to show more footage for their films, and we also got a look at some new films coming on later in the year. I give a quick review of each trailer below, as well as showcase the trailers of each film to give you a comparison.

Frozen 2

Here we have finally gotten a first look at the much anticipated trailer for Frozen 2. The first film was so successful, so it is surprising to see a much darker tone to this trailer from the first film. The shots throughout loom gorgeous, with many hints to be given about the new film. There is an aspect of the first few shots that remind me of the moment in Frozen where Anna and Elsa’s parents die out at sea, and I wonder if this is what these shots are hinting at. It also seems like this film is looking to go down a darker route than Disney usually goes down, and I would be up for that. Frozen fans and haters are all seeming to be enjoying this trailer, and it is certainly going to join the billion dollar club at the end of the year.


Oh boy where to start with this trailer. Somehow, I actually find Will Smith to be the best person shown in the trailer, and that is saying something. Yes, his CGI is awful (something that shouldn’t be coming from a Disney studio), but he actually seems to have charisma in his performance. Jafar looks awful in this trailer, and I am not sold by Aladdin or Jasmine either from this trailer. The establishing shots look gorgeous, and I would be excited if it wasn’t for the panto style performances. Disney can do better than this, and we know that just from their promo for The Lion King.


This is a trailer that has seemed to throw everyone off guard, including myself. i wasn’t even aware of this project, but I am already excited for this release. With the success of Bohemian Rhapsody and the upcoming release of Rocketman, I am excited to see The Beatles also getting their own form of movie on stage that expresses their talent. However, what is even more exciting about this film is how unique the concept is. I love to celebrate original story telling, and this looks to be one of those films. The premise is about a man who wakes up after a road collision, and suddenly the world doesn’t know who The Beatles are or any of their songs. I am so excited to see this film when it comes out later this year.


Whilst this is not a new trailer per say, there are a couple of new shots in here as well as interviews with Zachary Levi and Asher Angel, the actors of Billy Batson aka Shazam. It is great to hear them talk about the footage and to get a bit more background to Shazam, especially since this is the first time this character has been shown to a mainstream audience on film. This is one of my most anticipated movies of 2019 and I am excited for Zachary Levi to finally get some mainstream recognition.

Those are my thoughts on the latest film trailers, but what do you think? What was your favourite trailer of the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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