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February Wrap Up

Given the fact that my February Wrap Up (which should have been done on March 1st) is only going live now, this should say how the past month has been. The March Wrap Up will be something else, but this past month I have been bombarded with assignments and course work. Regardless, it is time to look back on the month of February and see how I did with movies, goals and what you can look forward to on here for the remainder of March.

source: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Once again, I had four goals for the month, but I was less successful on them.

1. Watch 20 films this month. I unfortunately only got around to watching 13, with only one cinema film in the mix (Green Book). This was due to a focus on the Oscars, as well as a huge amount of essays and reports I had to submit. The movies I did watch though, particularly for the Oscars and my Film course at University, were spot on.

2. Write 15 blog posts this month. I was so close to completing this having done 14 blog posts in February. Most of these were easy to write, as it was Oscar and awards season and I had a couple of film reviews to still post. I did expect to get to 15, but unfortunately I burned out last minute.

3. Start promoting on Quora. I am yet to do this, but I want to learn how to do it correctly. Quota seems to be a fantastic place for anyone to answer any question, and if you do it correctly you can become a trusted reviewer and person to go to for any query. I want to learn hot to progress in this, alongside other social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

4. Finish The Good Place. This is the only one that I have completed, and I am glad that I did. I will do a review of this show at some point, but I really enjoyed watching the three seasons that have come out so far.

Singin’ in the Rain (1952) – source: Loew’s Inc.

As I said, I watched 13 films in February. Only one of these films was a repeat viewing (A Quiet Place), but the other twelve I found to be great watches. My clear favourite of the month would have to be Singin’ in the Rain, a film I had to watch for University. It could very well not be in my top ten movies of all time, it is simply that good. Other great films this month included the Best Picture from this year, Green Book, and the back-to-back watch I did of Paddington 1 and 2. These films are so joyous, and there is no shock why Paddington 2 has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

My blog viewership my have gone down this month, but I actually felt happier than ever blogging in February. Even if I did get tired and overworked near the end, it was the joy of sharing my views on the Oscar season and being able to interact with other film fans on Twitter that got me engaged this month in particular.

Out of my blog posts this month, my favourite post would have to be the “ABC Film Challenge”, in which I challenged myself to pick my favourite film that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Some letters, such as B, L and P were obvious, but there were harder ones as well. Whether it was because I had seen so few films of the beginning letter or had seen so many fantastic movies of that letter, I am quite pleased with how my list turned out.

March has already been a bit of a miss for me, as I am recovering from the mass amount of assessments. However, I have two films I need to review and another few coming out this week that I will be checking out. I will be seeing Us, Five Feet Apart, Shazam! and Mid90s this week, and I still have Captain Marvel and Fighting with My Family to review. I have also started to properly watch Game of Thrones and with University wrapping up for me, I should be able to perhaps get through them before the end of the final season. I can hope.

Has your past month been more successful than mine? What are your goals for March, and how are you getting on with your goals this month? Let me know in the comments below and let’s encourage each other to continue on strong.

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