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Film YouTubers Who Inspired Me

Like most people, I am influenced by many people in the industry. Whether it is directors, actors or cinematographers, I am inspired by so many people in the film industry. However, it is the YouTubers that I watched for years that truly inspired me to start my own blog and get my thoughts out about films and Hollywood. I want to talk about a couple of YouTubers in the film community that I have watched for years, as well as highlight a couple of newer YouTubers that I am currently enjoying and deserve some more love and recognition.

source: YouTube

Jeremy Jahns
Jeremy was the first YouTuber in the film community that I watched. What appeals to me about Jeremy is his reviews. Not only does he review the films that he wants and that he watches, but his rating scale is something that I have not seen from any other reviewer. It is refreshing, and a majority of the films that he reviews are the films that I am interested in. With a focus on blockbusters and the big films at the time, he has a mass appeal to his content and his humour certainly helps you stick on his videos.
YouTube: Jeremy Jahns

Chris Stuckmann
With a more technical aspect to his reviews, Chris Stuckmann is an aspiring film maker who has been reviewing films on his channel for years. As a fellow horror fan, I do particularly love to see his takes on the latest horror films, as I trust his opinion. He has had a bad time in the past year in terms of YouTube, so any support that he can get to continue working towards a film degree and making films would be useful for him.
YouTube: Chris Stuckmann
Twitter: @Chris_Stuckmann

Grace Randolph
Grace uploads videos onto her channel on a daily basis, and does a variety of film videos. Whether it is giving her personal reviews of film, or breaking down the box office numbers, she has an eye for the film business. She presents the facts as they are, but always makes sure that she can also voice her opinion. She is one of the most hard working people on YouTube, and she will give her audience a chance to voice their opinion or be an active part in her videos.
YouTube: Beyond The Trailer
Twitter: @GraceRandolph

John Campea
My most watched YouTuber as of right now is John Campea, another hard working YouTuber. Not only does her review films, but he spends a minimum of one hour a day live streaming and answering questions from his viewers. Whether it is reporting the latest news, getting guests in to help talk about the latest in Hollywood or spending six hours live streaming whilst trying to buy tickets for Avengers: Endgame, he always gives back to his viewers and makes sure that each of them are heard.
YouTube: John Campea
Twitter: @johncampea

Now it is time to highlight some of the smaller YouTubers that I have been recently watching that deserve more love.

Sean Chandler
Sean Chandler is about to reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he has been very smart about growing his channel. He has recently quit his job to do YouTube full time, and he has been posting daily. His content focuses on the blockbusters, particularly in the comic book genre. Whether it is updating his favourite MCU films to reviewing the month in films, he is consistently putting out good quality videos, and his format to reacting to trailers is unique and very enjoyable.
YouTube: Sean Chandler Talks About
Twitter: @kirkneverdied

Zach Pope
Zach is the smallest influencer on this list, about to reach 5,000 subscribers. He uploads almost daily, and covers a wide variety of topics. He recently went to SXSW, so got out early reviews of films such as Us and Long Shot. I found him from his content on Shazam! and his clear excitement leading up to the release of the film. He reviews so many films, that there will be something on his channel that you will be interested in.
YouTube: Zach Pope
Twiter: @popetheking

Austin Burke
Having just reached 25,000 subscribers, I have been watching Austin grow a lot in particular in the past three months. Austin posts more than once a day, and reviews everything that he sees. His channel focuses on film reviews, but he also does rankings and analysis on specific films, particularly those with a comic book focus on them. He already has a nice layout to both his videos and his channel art, and his reviews are informative and well done. For a large variety of film reviews and to discover some new films you should check out, Austin will give you all of the best recommendations.
YouTube: Austin Burke
Twitter: @theBurk3nator

What film YouTubers do you enjoy watching? Is there any YouTubers that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below, and maybe I can do a list of Podcasts and Bloggers that inspire me.

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