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Road to Endgame: My Death Predictions

This blog post has spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

I think many people got a lot wrong for who would be “dead” in Infinity War. I certainly did. I feel like I got the actual dead correct, such as the deaths of Loki and Vision. However, I did not predict that the snap would take away so many of the new characters. This should be reversed, but for this list I will not include anyone who has been snapped, and this list will instead focus on the 17 characters who are known to be alive at this time.

Last time, I only picked a small amount of characters for each category of dead, alive and uncertain. This time, I plan to predict all 17 characters and rank them in order of least likely to die, to most likely to die. Starting from the bottom, here is my ranking of who is dead and who is alive.


Going to survive (a.k.a the I have an upcoming film category)

17. Happy – I am shocked that he got a character poster, but considering that he is in the marketing campaign for Spider-Man: Far From Home, he’s easily the safest character.

16. Captain Marvel – considering that she is a brand new character to the MCU and her opening film made over $1 billion in the box office, Marvel is going to want to keep Captain Marvel around for a bit longer.

15. Okoye – given the fact that I believe she will be a big part of the upcoming Black Panther 2 film, I have a feeling she is safe

14. Wong – I do not feel like they need to kill Wong for an emotional impact, because he just doesn’t warrant that emotion as of yet. Plus, he is also going to be appearing in a potential Doctor Strange 2 film so he should be easily safe.

13. Rocket Raccoon – I do not see a successful Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (already confirmed) without having Rocket in the mix. He will survive the Endgame.

12. Black Widow – whilst I am not sure whether the upcoming Black Widow film is a prequel or a sequel, I would be shocked if they choose to kill her off as soon as she finally has a solo film.


Who I’m unsure about

11. Pepper Potts – whilst we all do not want Tony Stark to die, the way they could go about giving him an emotional moment is to kill off his future wife. This would destroy fans, and I do not think that Marvel would be this cruel.

10. Valkyrie – one of my favourite side characters as of recently is Valkyrie, and whilst I have no idea where her character could go after Endgame, I hope she sticks around for a little bit longer.

9. Hawkeye – whilst he has a TV show on the way, I am not sure if it is a prequel or a sequel. He is ready to fight for his family here by the looks of things, and I feel like he should be safe, but it is not guaranteed.

8. Ant-Man – it is already known that Ant-Man will have a major part to play in this upcoming film. Whilst his films haven’t been major successes in the box office for Marvel, as well as his death being a big shock and an emotional hit as a father, I do not think that they will get of this fan favourite from the cinematic universe quite yet.

7. War Machine – we already nearly had a death sequence for War Machine with Captain America: Civil War (in which I believe they should have just bitten the bullet and killed him) and because of that, a death sequence for War Machine may not have the impact the audience wants from this film, but he would be a good character to kill off and show the damage of this war.


At least one of these WILL die

6. Thor – Thor is the character that has lost the most over the MCU. From the death of his father, his brother Loki and the loss of his kingdom of Asgard, he has revenge to take on Thanos. However, he has had a surge of popularity from Thor: Ragnarok and the actor out of the three main Avengers that would most likely stay on for another run.

5. Iron Man – This would be the big hitter for everyone. The man that started it all. It would hurt so much to see Tony die in this final war, and many of us want to see him retire and have babies with Pepper Potts. Will Marvel give us that sweet ending though, or will they make us watching his impending doom?

4. The Hulk – I said that he would possibly die in the last film, and I stand by his upcoming death. I do not see where they can take the Hulk character anymore, and a satisfying ending to the character would be to see the Hulk unleashed for one final battle against Thanos.

3. Nebula – Given the fact that she has personal revenge against Thanos for using and killing her sister Gamora for his own gain, she will want to be the person that gets the final blow on him. Unfortunately, she is no where near strong enough to take him on and with her being a minor character in the MCU, she may not be needed for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

2. Captain America – I agree with everyone that this could easily be the death of Captain America. It is well known that Chris Evans is retiring the role, and there will not be any more plans for this run of the character. Whilst a nice ending is what he deserves, as a war soldier he will fight to his end to protect his people and his team, and this is no different.

1. Thanos – I do not see how they can possibly keep Thanos alive by the end of this film. Considering that 22 movies has led up to this exact moment, they are not going to have another film in a decade with the character of Thanos, so keeping him alive is unnecessary. Unless he dies, there is not a clean resolution to the snap.

Do you agree with my list? Is there someone you feel is more likely to die than Thanos? Are there any surprises you’re expecting from the film? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

All photos sourced from Marvel Studios.

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