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Road to Endgame: The Best Promotional Material for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is the most expensive marketing campaign that Marvel has ever run, costing them nearly $200 million on just the marketing for the film. Some people may argue that a film of this scale and following the $2 billion blockbuster that is Avengers: Infinity War means that they did not even need to drop a trailer for this film. Unfortunately though, they needed a fantastic marketing strategy to make this work. What were some of the best marketing strategies that Marvel used? Here are my picks for the top four bits of marketing.

Captain Marvel (2019) – source: Marvel Studios

The Release of Captain Marvel
Whilst this may not seem like a marketing strategy, releasing Captain Marvel only less than 2 months before Endgame certainly helps both films. Fans who may not have been interested in Captain Marvel felt the need to watch it regardless, as it is clear that she may become a big part of the new film. Having a billion dollar film right before the most adventurous and most anticipated Marvel movie certainly helps create buzz, even if the film was not as critically acclaimed as some would hope for.

source: Marvel Studios

The Chinese Film Poster
This may have been released after the poster reveal for the US and UK audiences, but this was the poster that everyone was sharing on Twitter. This poster is absolutely stunning, and that is because of the bottom half which shows the dusted faded in black. It is a reminder of what this film is about and what the real battle of the film is. This poster is striking and I still want a framed version of this in my room.

source: Marvel Studios

The 32 Character Posters
Speaking of reminding the audience what the real battle of the film is, these posters do exactly that. I was worried that 32 character posters would be too much, but in fact I do not think there is enough of them. I want to know about smaller characters, such as Luis and Korg. My favourite posters from the 32 include Nebula, who looks grey enough to almost be dead (almost reflecting both that she truly isn’t alive and that the events of Infinity War affected her as much as those who were dusted) yet has enough colour to be recognised as surviving the snap, and the Peter Parker poster because of how sad he looks. Who wouldn’t want to save Spider-Man after seeing that poster?

The Special Look Trailer
This was the 1 minute trailer that Marvel released in line with the tickets being on sale, and this trailer fully delivered everything that I want to see. I love the moment between Steve and Tony where they shake hands, and that moment when we see Tony, Steve and Thor walking together ready for battle was just excellent. This was the perfect trailer to release alongside the ticket release, and I have refused to watch any more clips that Marvel releases beyond this trailer.

What has been your favourite piece of marketing from Avengers: Endgame? Do you think $200 million for the marketing of this film seems justified, or would you have preferred to see less? Let me know in the comments below.

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