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SPOILER Film Discussion: Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Warning: This is a SPOILER review of Avengers: Endgame. If you would like a short review of the film, click on the link here.

So, you have seen Avengers: Endgame. What a film. The shocks, the surprises, the emotion! Obviously, I will not be able to discuss every aspect of the film in this blog post, as you would be reading this for the three hour runtime. However, there are certain aspects that demand discussion, and so much that I am excited to really get into. There will be blog posts later further going into certain characters, plot points and the future of the MCU, but for now let’s get into the layers of the film.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) – source: Marvel Studios

The one thing I kind of knew going into the film was that it was going to involve time travel of some sort, and I was worried about this. However, this was one of the best aspects of the entire film. If you know me well enough, you know that Back to the Future is my favourite film of all time. To see the crew making several jokes about the film just made me smile and instantly warm up to the film. I also found that their explanation of time travel somehow made sense, despite how wild their approach was. It allowed for several plot points, all of which I was not expecting to see done in the film.

This time travel aspect really picks up in the second act of the film, in which the Avengers go back to certain times in the MCU to retrieve the stones once again. I thought this was absolutely brilliant. I was expecting time travel to be used to stop Thanos before the snap, but this was such a smart idea. This meant that we got to see moments from different films across the 11 years. Now, who was expecting Thor: The Dark World to play such a big part in the MCU? Not me, that’s for sure. This provided so much nostalgia, and this was absolutely incredible to watch. The Avengers tower was easily the highlight of the time travel sequence for me. It was not only this aspect that created nostalgia, but also the amount of references that they got into this film. From iconic lines such as “Avengers Assemble!” (of course, said by the first Avenger Cap) to “I can do this all day”, there was so much reward for people who have grown up and been on the journey with Marvel for many years.

What truly makes this film as good as it is is the final battle. This is like the airport scene in Captain America: Civil War, but on a much grander scale. It was beautifully poetic that it started and ended with the three main Avengers, the one who started the franchise off. They all got their moments in this film to shine, and all of them stole the film at some point. The amount of characters they managed to fit into this final battle, and how all of them somehow got screen time and a moment to shine, is absolutely remarkable. This battle, which must have lasted about 30-40 minutes, felt like it flew by in 10 minutes.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) – source: Marvel Studios

As this is a spoiler review, I can now fully discuss how this film handled the theme of death. Safe to say, they did this absolutely superbly. What made me quite happy, in shock to some of you, is that the characters who actually died (not dusted) in Avengers: Infinity War stayed dead, yet managed to play a part in the film. The likes of Gamora and Loki still got to be a part of the film, by being a part of the time travel story lines, yet this did not affect their status in the real world. This was brilliantly done, and showed that Infinity War did have some consequences.

Avengers: Endgame presented us with three major deaths throughout the film. Thanos managed to die twice, which was a plot twist that I absolutely loved. The fact that Thanos had to be killed twice, and it was down to Nebula who caused this to occur, was so smart and well done. However, we all had the idea that Thanos would have to potentially die in this film. The other two deaths were more shocking. I realised what would have to happen between Hawkeye and Black Widow as soon as they went to Vormir, but my expectation was to see Hawkeye go down. However, looking back, it made sense why they chose Black Widow to sacrifice herself. Given how the film was building up to see Hawkeye reunite with his family, and how it was Black Widow who was looking after the Avengers headquarters and trying to find a solution for the five years, it was a fitting tribute that she had to sacrifice herself so trillions of living creatures could come back to life.

The biggest shock of them all though has to be the death of Tony Stark. It was the person that started this franchise off that ended the biggest storyline in Marvel history. This ending was so beautifully done, and what makes this satisfying is that he still got everything that he wanted before his death. He got to marry and spend five years in retirement with his wife, Pepper. He got to have a child and raise her for a few years, passing down his legacy to her. He managed to do everything that he wanted to, and his character will be known as one of the most iconic characters in comic book history.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) – source: Marvel Studios

Thor and Captain America may have survived, but they had such great endings to their stories. Thor is rising of a high as of recent, so it seems like a great marketing idea to pair him up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, potentially for their third film. We know how well Thor works with the characters, and who doesn’t want a film with many laughs to be had amongst Thor, Rocket and Star-Lord?

Everyone who knows me knows that my favourite Marvel hero is Captain America. He has the strongest films, a great story and I agreed with him when it came to Civil War. The time aspect of this film played up to his strengths, as someone who has previously cheated time. Having him be forced to go back in time and witness Peggy was so smart, and I absolutely adored how they finished his story. The fact that he got to no longer be lonely after years of grieving for his love, and now go back and spend his time dancing with Peggy, I loved every second of that. I am interested to see how they go about making Falcon fulfil his new role as Captain America, but Steve’s finale was beautiful and seeing him and Peggy dance was the perfect final frame of this film.

This is only the breaking point of discussing this film. This film is a masterclass of comic book films, and it is now my favourite film in the MCU. I will be discussing this film for many years to come, and we now just have to eagerly wait and see where they take this further in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Do you have anything you want to eagerly discuss about Avengers: Endgame? Comment your thoughts here and let’s have a discussion!

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