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Film Review: Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot (2019) is a romantic comedy that takes a twist on the classic format used in other rom-coms such as Pretty Woman. Starring Seth Rogen as a journalist and Charlize Theron as the Secretary of State, this film presents the story of them crossing paths again at a party at a time where Fred Flarsky (Rogen) is needing a job and Charlotte Field (Theron) is needing someone to write her speeches as she goes for the job of President of the United States.

Long Shot (2019) – source: Lionsgate
Both of the lead actors are given great roles here, which actually felt more fleshed out than I was expecting from a film like this. I particularly liked how both characters have their own arcs, particularly with Fred and his job as a journalist. It created some strong narrative points that not only made sense throughout the film, but also was great for someone like me who wants to get into journalism.
The big highlight of the film is the romantic aspect of the film, and it only works because of the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. This film presents the twist on the typical rom-coms of a role reversal between the male and female character, and it makes it even funnier because all of the characters are self aware of this. There is one line that Charlotte says in particular that not only references this, but also how real and important that particular line felt to the situation. This dynamic added humour to the story, and is also a great storyline for this time and era.
The comedy also works in this film for most of the time. The great moments of the film come in the latter half of the film, once all of the basic knowledge is in place. They keep going back to those moments and adding layers to it, which keeps getting funnier and funnier. There is one particular joke about a tattoo that at first I was not sure on it, but when develops makes the set-up worth it. Some jokes feel lazy or purely rude for the sake of being rude, but when it lands the cinema is in hysterics.
Long Shot (2019) – source: Lionsgate
Whilst this film does feel fresh and has a unique spin on the rom-com format, there are certainly some cliches that come about. However, I found that most of them did not bother me as both the romance and comedy aspects worked well due to those cliches. Whether it is another love interest that is hotter and way more suited for the other person, or the side character that tries to put down the relationship, I found that this film handled those cliches in a more subtle way.
There were some aspects that I did not like about the film though, particularly when it came to the character of the President of the United States. This film makes the President somebody that is unsuitable for the role and is wanting to go into another career. Whilst the jokes sometimes land in these sections, it does not feel relevant to the rest of the story and more of a political joke that they can make nowadays to make us like Charlotte’s character more and cheer her on.
I was also not a fan of the opening sequence. Whilst I get that it was meant to give us an introduction to Fred and his job as a whole, I do not think it felt necessary and started the film off in a way darker tone that the film never touches again. For the first minute or so, I thought I was watching the wrong film until I saw Seth Rogen appear on screen. Whilst the rest of the film handles the balance between humour, romance and drama well, the opening sequence felt completely different and jarring.
Long Shot (2019) – source: Lionsgate
Whilst there are some moments that feel unnecessary and it does take a while to get into the film, this film has fantastic humour. Once we get Rogen and Theron on screen, the film really starts to work as their chemistry blossoms on screen. I liked how fresh this rom-com feels and if you need a lighter film to check out, I feel that both men and women would like this film for a date night.

Have you had a chance to catch an early screening of Long Shot? Are you looking forward to checking out this film? Let me know in the comments below and let me know.

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