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Trailer Reviews: 3rd-10th May 2019

We are only a couple of weeks into May, but it is now building up to the Summer season for movie-going, and that means more campaigns are being run. Trailers for three very different films were dropped in the past week, so I want to have a look at them and give a review review and insight on my thoughts on each trailer.

Spider-Man: Far From Home
WARNING: This trailer has serious spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. I have kept my review spoiler-free.
Now we know why the spoiler ban had to be lifted for Avengers: Endgame so early. Marvel are doing a great tactic here when it comes to showing this new trailer, as it is now being played at the end of Endgame, with fans told by Tom Holland before the film starts to stick around to the end. It’s a great marketing strategy, as fans will come in and see the film again just to see this trailer on the big screen.

In terms of the actual trailer though, I loved it. Tom Holland had some great one-liners in this trailer, and it seems like the comedy aspect of it is going to be done really well. This trailer also has the emotional punch that it needs to after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which will help sell movie tickets as this is essentially connected to the Infinity Saga and is a nice close to the story. I particularly like Mysterio, yet I do not think that he is simply telling it as it is. He is known to be the master of illusions, remember.

It is less than two months until the film drops and the first trailer could not give away any big plot points due to spoilers for Endgame. I understand why they lifted the ban so early, because this trailer would not have been nearly as good if they had to hide the biggest spoilers from the previous film. This trailer has me ready to follow the MCU heroes once again and jump right back into their world, and I hope this film really is as good as it looks. I may have my concerns, but I will hold back on them for right now.

IT: Chapter Two
The very first review I did on this blog was for the first instalment of IT, and if you know me, you know I was disappointed with the first film. I found it to be lacking in the horror aspects, making it feel more like a nostalgic film that is centred on the success of Stranger Things. If there is anyone who disliked the first IT film, it was me and I wish I ended up liking it.

However, I have been eagerly anticipating the second chapter of the film. This film is taking place 26 years later, so not only is the 80s nostalgia gone, but the characters are now grown up. This trailer confirmed to me that they are going to go darker and make this feel more of a horror than before. Having the trailer focus on one particular scene created tension, and that scene kept getting creepier and creepier by the second, and I absolutely loved it.

What helped elevate this particular trailer was the sound. Having this creepy laughing track behind all of the shots near the end of the film was not only completely unsettling, but also built up to the reveal at the end when we get to see Pennywise once again. I am intrigued about the back story that they are setting up for Pennywise, and I am having hopes that I will enjoy this film a lot more than the first entry in this series.

I was not even aware of this project until last week, when people started sharing the trailer. If you are a film fan, you know who Judy Garland is. The Wizard of Oz is in my top ten films of all time and is a must watch every year at Christmas time. That is why I was shocked when I realised that they are focusing on an older Judy Garland, only referencing to The Wizard of Oz (with a beautiful shot of the yellow brick road, mind you).

Renée Zellweger looks to be a great choice to play Garland in this film. There is still little to be known about this film and how dark it will go. Making it focus on an older Garland is a risk, but it is one that I think will pay off. Not many people know the story of Judy Garland past The Wizard of Oz, but she had a bad personal life and I hope people become educated on her struggles until her early death. This may be a dark yet sophisticated biopic and Garland is a great subject for this, and the trailer sold me on the concept.

Which of these trailers got you the most excited? Is there any other trailer released this week that caught your attention? Let me know down below in the comments and let’s have a conversation.

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