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Bucket List Mid-Year Update

Exactly six months ago, I put together a bucket list for this year in film and blogging. Now, half way through 2019, it is time to look back and see if I am achieving the goals.


1. Watch 100 films that I have not seen yet – I am well on track with this goal, as I have seen 73 new films as of July. With so many new films coming out soon, me going back to studying film at University in September and several marathons planned for the end of the year, I should easily manage this goal.
2. See 40 films in cinema – As of right now I have seen 29 different films in cinema, with several repeat showings on top of that. This is another goal that I am comfortable that I am going to beat.
3. Go to 10 Unlimited Screenings – This one is right on goal now, as I have been to seven Unlimited screenings. There is already one more planned with a secret screening at the end of the month, and then I will also be nearing this goal.
4. Watch 25 films from the 100 Movies Scratch poster – This one is coming along slowly, and I am currently on 15 films watched from the poster. However, I have plans to watch a few this month and hopefully my film course will help me get a few more covered.
5. Watch films from 6 foreign countries (outside of the UK and US) – I am lucky that my film course at University had an array of foreign language films for me to watch. Since then, I have watched films from Iran, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, France and China to name a few. This goal ended up being easier to complete than I expected.

1. Reach 50,000 total views – I actually got here a lot quicker than I expected, and am sitting at 47k as of writing this post! I hope to end up at 50k by the end of August at the latest.
2. Average a minimum of 2,000 views a month – For the most part, I have managed to do this and beyond, averaging at 3k a month. This equates to 100 views a day, which I am happy with for right now.
3. Gain on all of my social medias – This was going well until my Twitter account got locked and I had to make a new account. I currently have nearly 500 likes on Facebook and 180 followers on Twitter, so I hope to gain on both parts in the next few months.
4. Post at least 15 times a month – This has been a mixed bag. Some months I have produced 20 blog posts, other months I have had stress with work and University and had to put the blogging to the side. I seem to be on track now, and have a new love for creating content five days a week.
5. Collaborate with another blog – Whilst I would still love to write for other blogs, I have managed to get other bloggers to help write for me thanks to a series called The Ultimate Choice. These bloggers love helping out and getting their opinion across, and I am thankful to them that they want to be a part of my blogging journey.

Seems like my 2019 is going well so far! How are you doing for your goals this year? Let’s encourage each other for the second half of the year – we can do this guys!

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