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Trailer Reviews: 18th July 2019

Initially, I was going to make individual reviews of the trailers that were dropping this week. However, with four major trailers dropping on one day, it simply makes more sense to collect them together and review them all at once. I was out of the house yesterday watching Jaws on the big screen, so that is why this review is coming in a little late. So here it is, the collection of the good and the ugly that dropped for us last night.

Ad Astra
I had no previous knowledge of Ad Astra before this trailer, but what a spectacle this looks! This looks to be the year of Brad Pitt, between this film and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This could be the film that gets him a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars, as they certainly are suckers for space dramas and family trauma. This has all the right boxes to make a fantastic film, and a serious Oscar contender if it is anywhere near as good as this trailer looks. I am now finally excited to go and give this film a watch.

IT: Chapter Two
If anyone knows me, they know I was extremely disappointed with IT when it released in 2017. However, the first trailer for IT: Chapter Two gave me hope that this film would be darker and scarier. The marketing for this film has been spot on, and I have to say that I loved this full trailer that they dropped. Pennywise actually looks scary here, and there are so many moments and scenes that look incredibly shot. Pair that with actors that I love, such as James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain, and this finale looks like a winning combination to me.

Top Gun: Maverick
The original Top Gun film is a lot of fun, but I did not think that it needed a sequel this late. However, any chance to see Tom Cruise do what he does best is going to be a success at the box office, and this film has some promise to it. I would like to know a bit more about what the story is, and I am intrigued to see how Miles Teller performs in a film like this. The stunts look fantastic and the cinematography looks on point. This is a film I will definitely be checking out, and a summer release is the perfect time for a fun blockbuster like this one.

The trailer has been trending non-stop for the past night, but not for good reasons. I should feel comfortable with this production, based on the cast and the director previously doing a wonderful adaptation of Les Miserables, however this just looks awful to me. I don’t have the same connection to the music as I do with other musicals, I really do not get why the cat fur had to be CGI and couldn’t have just been part of a costume, and this just looks like an odd production. It will still do very well at the box office, based on the casting and the production value of the film, but this is not going to be Oscar worthy from what I can see so far. I was someone that was hoping that this film would look good, but I am going to have to agree with everyone else that this just looks a mess.

What did you make of the trailers that dropped yesterday. Which trailer was your favourite? Let me know in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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