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Trailer Reviews: 30th July – 1st August

As it is coming up to awards season, it is time for the production companies to start putting their money into campaigning some of these highly anticipated films. As such, there has been a huge amount of trailers that have dropped in the past few days, and I simply had to talk about how much I enjoyed every single one of them.

Little Monsters (2019)
I had no idea about this project until the trailer and movie poster were getting shared around Twitter last night, but this looks right up my street. This seems to be a fun comedy idea, and the trailer really brought out the humour of the film. I would have never thought of casting Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad in the same film, but it seems like this is the perfect balance of both of their personalities. I like how bold and loud this film is, from it’s premise to its presentation and I cannot wait to check this film out.

Queen and Slim (2019)
This trailer is very impactful, and to me it has the ability to create a lot of buzz come awards season. Daniel Kaluuya is an actor that everyone should be keeping an eye on, and this may be the first time that I have seen Jodie Turner-Smith on screen, but she has star power already. This looks to be hard hitting and be loud on it’s commentary, and the story looks compelling. The editing was so well done on this trailer, and I am incredibly excited to see this.

The Irishman (2019)
Scorsese is back and hoping to get back into the Oscar’s race with this film, and this looks like a strong contender. Netflix is truly establishing themselves as having great, award winning content after their major success of Roma. I asm shocked at the budget on this Netflix film, which can clearly be seen by the advanced technology used to de-age Robert De Niro in this first trailer. Whilst I am still not clear on what the story is, the acting and direction look very well done and it is one that everyone is going to have to see when discussing the Oscar contenders.

1917 (2019)
Whilst I adore and love films focused on the events of World War II, such as Dunkirk, I am extremely excited to hear that projects are now being focused on the events of World War I. The talent involved in this film, particularly director Sam Mendes, is incredibly exciting and this trailer is incredibly strong. Not much is given away about what story they are going to tell from the First World War, but people don’t need to know much to see a film like this. When it comes to war films with this high of talent, you showcase the people involved and that is what will get people to buy their ticket. I know I will be after this trailer.

The Lighthouse (2019)
Every trailer I have highlighted today has been strong, but this one may just be my favourite of the bunch. After the hype of this film being shown at Cannes this year, I have been eager to see footage for myself. A black-and-white horror film set in a remote location starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe? This film has Oscar potential, even for a horror film. The cinematography looks hauntingly beautiful, the performances are top notch as to be expected, and I love that I still don’t fully know what the story is about. A24 have done it once again.

Which trailer did you enjoy best? Was it the more light-hearted one of Little Monsters, or are you a sucker for directors like Scorsese and Mendes? Let me know in the comments below and let’s have a discussion.

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