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Taranthon 2019: My Tarantino Ranking

After three long weeks, I have completed my Taranthon for right now. If you have been following along the journey, I thank you for being excited about my reviews and predicting how I would feel about each film. Unfortunately, I ended up taking a lot of shifts last week and that impended me from getting to see The Hateful Eight before the Taranthon was complete, and I was not wanting to hold back my thoughts on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood before that. This listing will not include The Hateful Eight, but I am now proud to present to you my full ranking of Tarantino’s directorial films.

I will give a small paragraph as to why it is in that position alongside the film, but full reviews for every film can be accessed by clicking on the respected title.

9. Death Proof – Whilst I still gave this film a good 3/5, this to me felt the most underwhelming of Tarantino’s catalogue. Maybe this is more suited to the Grindhouse Pictures double bill showing, but this is the one film I have no desire to go back and watch.

8. Jackie Brown – This film is one that people either love the most or like the least, due to how different it is in his category. This has the most potential to grow on me, due to the subtleties of the film and the narrative, but it is one that I just simply didn’t enjoy as much as his other works.

7. Reservoir Dogs – His directorial debut showed understanding of filmmaking, but lacked in narrative and creativity for me. This is a film of his that I appreciate coming from a starting director, but it is clear to me that he has improved since then.

6. Pulp Fiction – This may be the most culturally influential film that Tarantino has made, and there is a lot to love about this film, but it is also Tarantino’s most indulgent to me. Certain storylines did not work cohesively, but you can’t deny Uma Thurman and John Travolta on screen together.

5. Inglourious BasterdsThis film is fantastic, and one that I can see myself loving more and more every time I go and watch it. Both storylines are compelling and they are interwoven beautifully in this tale of What Ifs. The only reason it isn’t higher is because I found the second hour to drag on a bit too long.

4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Despite my issues with Margot Robbie’s screen time, this is still a fantastic film. I love the realisation of 1960s Hollywood, and I adore how Tarantino handled the dark and horrifying story.

3. Kill Bill Vol. 2 – Whilst it doesn’t hold up to Vol. 1, the second half is still able to keep up the tone and narrative of the first one, with Uma Thurman continuing to shine. It’s a satisfying ending to a great duology.

2. Django Unchained – Whilst it may be the hardest film to watch, it is also the most complete in terms of story and characterisation. If I can manage to make it through a second viewing of it, I may just give it a perfect 5/5.

1. Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Easily my favourite film from Tarantino, and the only film thus far from his filmography that earned a 5/5 ranking from me. The violence, the tone, the story and characterisation, everything is spot on and it is the most enjoyable film on his list as well.

Do you agree with my ranking, or do you have something else at the top of your list? Let me know in the comments below and let’s have a discussion.

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