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The Summer Movie Challenge: A Conclusion

At the start of the summer this year, I challenged myself to complete these 52 goals by watching films that fit in them. Whilst I kind of abandoned my list (which you can check out here), I have looked back and seen how many of the challenges I actually managed to complete. I tried my best not to repeat films, but I simply had to for a few of the questions. Here is a reminder of the questions below, and then continue reading to see what films I watched that corresponds with each one.
     1.    A movie filmed in your home town or country: Wild Rose
     2.    An inspirational movie: Toy Story
     3.    A movie in a different language: Cronofobia
     4.    A comedy: Always Be My Maybe
     5.    A horror movie: Us
     6.    A movie that made you cry: Blinded by the Light
     7.    A remake: The Lion King (2019)
     8.    A movie recommended by a friend: The Autopsy of Jane Doe
     9.    An animated movie: Toy Story 4
     10.  A movie in black and white: Psycho
     11.  A movie with a one-word title: Yesterday
     12.  A superhero movie: Avengers: Infinity War
     13.  A movie “everyone” but you has seen: Toy Story 2
     14.  A really bad or guilty-pleasure movie: Mamma Mia!
     15.  A movie made in the 60s: Psycho (cheating by placing it for a second time here, but it is the only 60s film I saw in summer)
     16.  A documentary: The Great Hack
     17.  A movie with pink poster art: Woodstock or Bust
     18.  A three-hour movie: Avengers: Endgame
     19.  A movie you’ve already seen: Now You See Me
     20.  A movie adapted from a book: Dark Phoenix
     21.  A favourite from your childhood: The Matrix
     22.  A romance movie: Long Shot
     23.  A movie with a female director: Lady Bird
     24.  A movie based on true event: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
     25.  A holiday movie: Midsommar
     26.  A teen movie: Eighth Grade
     27.  A movie with your favourite actor: Silver Linings Playbook (Bradley Cooper)
     28.  A movie shorter than 90 minutes: Anima
     29.  An inspirational movie: Tolkien
     30.  A movie mentioned in another movie on this list: Did not complete this goal as far as I can tell.
     31.  A trilogy – part 1: John Wick
     32.  A trilogy – part 2: John Wick 2
     33.  A trilogy – part 3: John Wick 3
     34.  A biopic: Rocketman
     35.  A movie certified fresh on rotten tomatoes: Captain America: Civil War
     36.  Your favourite movie: Silver Linings Playbook (cheating on this one by placing it twice, but it fits both criteria perfectly)
     37.  A comedy: Booksmart
     38.  A short film: TLI Presents: The Unauthorised Bash Brothers Experience 
     39.  A movie you own: The Social Network
     40.  A movie set in a different time period: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
     41.  A Netflix original movie: Unicorn Store
     42.  A friend or significant other’s favourite movie: Did not complete this goal.
     43.  A movie by your favourite director: Psycho (cheating on this one by placing it for a third time, but it is the only Hitchcock film I saw this summer)  
     44.  A movie that has won an Oscar: Toy Story 3
     45.  A dystopian movie: The Matrix
     46.  A movie released this year: Aladdin
     47.  A thriller movie: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
     48.  A movie that relates to your life: Heathers
     49.  A movie released the year you were born: Did not complete this goal.
     50.  A sports movie: The Art of Racing in the Rain
     51.  A musical: Singin’ in the Rain
     52. A holiday movie: Shazam!

For the fact that I was not trying to complete this list by the middle of summer, I say that I did pretty well. How many would you have ticked off this summer, and do you like me taking on some film challenges? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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