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The Road to Skywalker: A Star Wars Marathon Announcement

Since my Taranthon went particularly well this Summer, I am prepared to do it all over again but for what is one of the biggest franchises in film history: Star Wars. Now, unlike the Taranthon, I have actually seen a majority of these films. However, I am still to see the prequels (yes, I know) and Rogue One. I plan to cover these with this marathon, and in the meantime review every single Star Wars film whilst building up to the release of The Rise of Skywalker in December. To give my schedule a bit of breathing space, as opposed to what I did with the Taranthon, here is how the schedule looks:

Source: James Raiz of Box Office Artist

Monday 25th November: A New Hope review
Wednesday 27th November: The Empire Strikes Back review
Friday 29th November: The Return of the Jedi review
Monday 2nd December: The Phantom Menace review
Wednesday 4th December: Attack of the Clones review
Friday 6th December: Revenge of the Sith review
Monday 9th December: The Force Awakens review
Wednesday 11th December: Rogue One review
Friday 13th December: The Last Jedi review
Monday 16th December: Solo: A Star Wars Story review
Thursday 19th December: The Rise of Skywalker review
Friday 20th December: Ranking of the Star Wars saga

Which reviews are you most excited to read? Which film do you think I will rate the highest of the lot? Let me know in the comments section and get ready for this epic series.

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