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Awards Season 2020: Golden Globe Nominations Reaction

At first glance, when I looked at the nominations for the Golden Globes today I was not shocked about many of the results. I had correctly guessed 75% of the results according to Gold Derby and seeing Marriage Story be the leading film in terms of nominations was nice for me to look at. However, I took a deeper look into the nominations and there are actually a few surprises. Here are some of the shocks, and what this could mean for those certain categories:

The snub of Little Women
Aside from the nomination for Saoirse Ronan, Little Women was completely cut out of the nominations. Nothing for Florence Pugh for Supporting Actress, nothing for Screenplay, nothing for Greta Gerwig in Director and not even a Best Feature nomination. This shows the importance of the closed window that these films had to compete in this year: releasing the film so close to Christmas may have been a bad play in terms of these award shows. Will it impact the Oscar night that Little Women could have? We will have to wait and see, but it is worth noticing.

The Best Director race
This race confirmed to me that four of these positions are basically locks: Tarantino, Joon Ho, Mendes and Scorsese. Of course, the Oscars can go off-grid for this category (see Bradley Cooper’s snub last year for example), but these are perhaps some of the most confident predictions you can make this year. Directors such as Greta Gerwig, the Safdie brothers and Noah Baumbach have filled in that fifth slot in other critic awards, but the Golden Globes nominated somebody that even I didn’t expect: Todd Phillips. This is insane to me, but solidifies how much of a show Joker has of getting some huge nominations at the Oscars this year. Whilst I do not think the Oscars will go for Phillips in Best Director, it is a bold move for sure.

The Best Actor race
In terms of shocking nominations, the Best Actor category may have taken the cake. Yes, they nominated Driver, DiCaprio and Banderas (three of my favourite performances of the year), but the other nominations are not what I have been expecting. Pryce I can believe, even if I am still unsure of the hype of The Two Popes quite yet. However, I am surprised to see Christian Bale make the cut for Ford v Ferrari, especially when you take a look and see who missed out. Not only did Adam Sandler miss the list, but so did Robert De Niro. This could be the first of few he misses out on, and with Eddie Murphy and Taron Egerton getting a boost from being in the Musical/Comedy category, a mill like this could easily hurt his chances.

Prospects for The Lion King
In nominations that I don’t think many people were even predicting, The Lion King manages to get nominated for Best Animated Feature. This means that the Disney company has three nominations (alongside Frozen II and Toy Story 4). I feel conflicted about this, purely down to how gorgeous the animation is but how the story and execution of the film as a narrative is overall. The big worry for Disney here is that their nominees cancel each other out, leaving something like How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World to claim one final hurrah for the end of its series.

The genre films with little impact
Unfortunately, heavy genre films had a hard showing here. Yes, Knives Out got in for Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig and Feature, but in a Comedy/Musical category, it seemed easy of it to do that. The task was to see the impact in Screenplay, and it just did not have the presence there that people may have expected. Us, however, got no love at the Golden Globes. This may have been the perfect place for Lupita Nyong’o to make an appearance, and it just simply never happened. We will have to look out for the SAG Award nominations on Wednesday to see if she can make any impact there.

What did you think of the nominations? Are you pleased that Phillips showed up in Director or not? Should Us and Little Women be performing better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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