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Bucket List 2019 End of Year Lookback

2020 has finally arrived, and a Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this at its release. At the start of 2019, I had set specific goals for myself in terms of films and my blog. It is now time to look back and reflect on these goals.

1. Watch 100 films that I have not seen yet – I ended the year exceeding this, watching 150 new films this year. These ranged from catching up on classics such as Jaws to the new releases.
2. See 40 films in the cinema – This was another one I fully exceeded, seeing 65 different releases and going to the cinema over 80 times this year.
3. Go to 10 Unlimited Screenings – With three secret screenings and eleven regular unlimited screenings, I had to miss a few but 14 screenings I am certainly happy about.
4. Watch 25 films from the 100 Movies Scratch poster – I came close to completing this, getting to 23 scratched off. This only means I have more to explore in this next year,
5. Watch films from 6 foreign countries (outside of the UK and US) – University helped me easily exceed this, watching films from Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, China, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Korea and more to name just a few.

1. Reach 50,000 total views – I surpassed this back in August, but now I am at 65,000 total views. This was something I never imagined to happen, but I am excited to see where this goes.
2. Average a minimum of 2,000 views a month – I have managed to maintain this quite easily, reaching approximately 3,000 views a month.
3. Gain on all of my social media accounts – I had a slight issue with this back in July when my Twitter got hacked, but it was almost the best thing to happen to my blog. I went from struggling with gaining followers on Twitter to having over 1.8k in the space of 6 months, blowing my other account out of the water. Facebook is still lagging behind, but Twitter is my main social media anyway.
4. Post at least 15 times a month – This has been quite hit and miss, depending on the month. During summer and my uni timetable, this is actually easy to achieve. Christmas, on the other hand, is hard to balance and I will have to think about when I consider planning another Christmas film marathon next year.
5. Collaborate with another blog – Whilst I have not specifically written for another personal blog, I have written for other publications, had other blogs write on here, done promos with other bloggers and even featured on a podcast!

Alongside the set goals I had for 2019, I also did so many other things that I never even planned on doing.

1. I got accepted into a film association, the Online Association of Female Film Critics (or OAFFC). This has been an exciting opportunity as it’s allowed me to vote for a film association award selection, something I never expected to happen this year.
2. I have been asked by several people to take part in podcasts! Whilst I have not had time to actually take part in any of them, I hope to be able to do so in 2020.
3. I got sent screeners for films! Yes, this may not be like getting sent the Oscar contenders, but I am glad that people are giving me a chance with their content and I hope to be able to spend more time watching and reviewing these in 2020.
4. I spent time working with other online and local publications, getting my articles published elsewhere to bigger audiences. From a university newspaper online to getting paid for articles for release in 2020, my voice is reaching larger audiences and I am proud of how far I have come with my writing.

I will be preparing and writing my goals for 2020, and I plan to be ambitious. 2020 is my year, I can feel it. I hope to progress further with my writing, explore more opportunities in the film industry and maybe even properly start my pathway to a career as a film journalist. Thank you all for following me so far, here is to the next year for all of us.

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