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Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2020

Since we are now into 2020, it is time to look at the films coming up and start seeing which ones we are most excited about. Bear in mind this is not a list of what I think will be my favourite films of the year, as they are quite usually the ones I have not even heard of at this point. I will only be including films that have a set date, so projects from Paul Thomas Anderson and David Fincher are not included in this list.

I will also only include films that are released worldwide in 2020, so the films that have already been released in places like the USA but not in my country of the UK will not feature on this list.

In The Heights (2020)

10. A Quiet Place: Part II
I do not feel like there needs to be a part two for A Quiet Place, which was one of my top five films of 2018. However, since we are certainly getting one now, I am eager to see how John Krasinski manages to rise above the expectations we all have for this sequel.

9. In The Heights
Lin Manuel Miranda has proven several times now that he not only knows how to write for a stage, but for a screen. He has had success before with In The Heights on a theatre production and the trailers have looked incredibly promising for a strong adaptation.

8. West Side Story
I am still yet to have seen any production or version of this story, but as a musical fan this will be fixed at some point in 2020. Steven Spielberg is directing and with so many incredible films under his belt, I have faith that he will do this story right.

Mulan (2020)

7. The Eternals
Whilst Marvel is only releasing two films this year to make a big push for their Disney+ content, the one I am more excited about is the one that has had little promotion yet in The Eternals. I like the Marvel projects that push beyond that is expected from them, and this film seems to be exactly that.

6. Dune
I have recently just picked up the original book of Dune so I can give it a read before the film drops this year, but it is hard not to get excited for this film when you see the huge cast list attached to the project.

5. Mulan
I have been hesitant about most of Disney’s remakes, and for good reason. However, Mulan looks to get it right by actually making bold choices to not only honour the legacy of the character and her story, but to also make this remake feel new and necessary as opposed to films such as The Lion King from 2019.

Wonder Woman 1984

4. Tenet
Given how much I have enjoyed other works by Christopher Nolan including Inception and more recently Dunkirk, it should not be a shock that his newest project including Robert Pattinson makes its way in my most anticipated list.

3. Wonder Woman 1984
I got into the buzz of the Wonder Woman film quite late, only watching it at the end of 2019. It was such a refreshing film, going quite darker with their tone and more serious with their character development, so I cannot wait to see where DC takes this next step in this instalment.

2. Soul
My favourite Pixar film of the previous decade was Inside Out, so when I saw the spirit of that film leap off the trailer for Soul, I was immediately sold. The music sounds incredible, the animation looks stunning and I trust the team behind this film so much. I already know to take tissues for this screening.

1. The King’s Man
Yes, above all of the previous films with top directors and adaptations, this is the one I have been most excited about. Whilst the seven month delay worries me a little bit, I have loved both films of this series so far (yes, I enjoyed The Golden Circle) and the trailers for this one had me hooked. I am completely invested in this series and that is why it is my most anticipated film of 2020.

What do you make of my list? Is there any films that you are excited for that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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