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Film For Thought’s Goals for 2020

2019 was a fantastic year for me and achieving the goals I had set for myself. It is now the start of a new year and it is time for me to look forward and set goals for myself for this year. Will I be as successful as I was last year? We will have to wait and see. For now though, here is what I hope to achieve in terms of films and this blog.


1. Go to the cinema 100 times – I had a goal for last year set to 40 and I exceeded that by going 75+ times. With having more time this year for the cinema, I want to complete the 100 movie challenge in 2020.
2. Watch 200 new films – Last year, I managed to watch 150+ new films and I want to exceed this and see 200 films that I have never seen before.
3. Discover more African films – Looking through on Letterboxd, it was clear that African film-making is a blind spot for me and I want to look at what that continent has to offer.
4. Scratch off half of my 100 Movies Scratch Poster – Last year helped me reach 23 scratched off films and there are still so many iconic films that are blind spots for me that need fixed.
5. Complete the two big trilogies – A smaller goal, but I have still not completely watched either The Lord of the Rings or The Dark Knight trilogy and this needs to be fixed by the end of this year.


1. Get to 100,000 total views – Last year, I went from 20,000 to 67,000 total views, so this should be quite achievable.
2. Reach 5,000 monthly views – I am still currently sitting on 3,000 to 4,000 monthly views and I want to increase this figure.
3. Post on average 10 times a month – this is a low goal but I have set this specifically for months like April, November and December when work and university deadlines are at their worst.
4. Take part in a podcast -This has nearly happened several times but I am still to record a podcast. I hope to have done this by the end of 2020 and maybe become frequent in this.
5. Review 100 films – As I want to see a minimum of 100 releases in 2020, I also want to review every film I watch and that should be over a hundred.

What do you make of my goals? What goals do you have set for yourself? Let me know in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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