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Awards Season 2020: What the Golden Globes Mean For the Season

The Golden Globes were last night and what a show it was. From the controversial Ricky Gervais to the weird running order of awards, the show felt all over the place and so did the winner of the awards. I had a bad night, only predicting 6 of the 14 winners, but I cannot be mad when some of the winners seemed so different than what anyone was predicting to see. I have made a few paragraphs on topics that I want to talk about, so let’s have a look at what last night could mean for the Oscars next month.

A Bad Night for Netflix
Out of the fourteen categories of the night, Netflix only won one with their four major properties (winning Best Supported Actress for Laura Dern in Marriage Story). Their other films won no awards, with the most surprising being The Irishman going home empty-handed. Despite the huge names tied to these projects, is the Netflix curse still at play and will Scorsese go home empty-handed on Oscar night? In terms of their other projects, Marriage Story may still be their best shot in several categories, including Best Supporting Actress, and might be the film that Netflix should push all their FYC campaigns for at this point.

FYC: Tom Hanks
People this season have been hesitant to predict Tom Hanks getting in Best Supporting Actor, due to the lack of nominations he has had since 2000 despite performances such as Captain Phillips. However, it is the peak voting time for the Oscars and hundreds of the members will have seen his incredible speech and filmography shown at the Golden Globes last night. If a reel like that, with clips from his most recent performance in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood doesn’t convince them to nominate him for the Oscars then I do not know what will.

No Shocking Performance Winners
There were no real shocks when it came to the acting categories, with the winners solidifying who is competing for the top spot at the Oscars. Dern, Pitt, Phoenix and Zellweger are all still favourites to win and they all swept here. I also love that Awkwafina and Taron Egerton also won here, giving their chances of joining the main category a much bigger chance, particularly with Egerton’s amazing acceptance speech.

Tarantino to the Top
As I expected, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won the night with three wins. Tarantino is not only developing a strong awards campaign across the board with recognition in several huge categories, but his narrative of nine iconic films and no major Screenplay or Director win could help him cross that line this year. Whilst I do not think Hollywood should be the film of his to be his big awards success, he is somebody that is working hard alongside Sony to make sure it happens and there is more of a possibility of it doing so every single day.

The Dark Horse Strikes
Out of all of the nominations, the two huge shocks came from the two biggest categories and were awarded to the same film. Despite not even being out for wide release yet, 1917 picked up Best Director for Sam Mendes in an incredibly stacked year as well as Best Film: Drama over Joker, The Irishman and Marriage Story. I originally had 1917 in my predictions for Best Picture a few months ago, but the late release date and lack of buzz made me drop that call quite quickly. It still has a few hurdles to go over, such as no nominations in the SAG Awards and potentially being compared to a Birdman win for the technical achievement, but this is a step in the right direction for a film that looked like it was too late to be taken seriously.

What were your big takeaways from the Golden Globes? Do you think 1917 could be our Best Picture winner? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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