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Film Critics Showcase #2 – February 2020

In the second edition of Film Critics Showcase, I have two fantastic outlets to share and give support to that deserve so much respect for the work that they put in. I always make sure to check out their content whenever they release stuff, and I highly recommend that you do the same.

Blog: Through the Silver Screen
Run by Martin Richmond

What is your website about?
My site is all about the wonderful world of cinema. 
Why did you create your website?
As a child, I always wanted to be a journalist, and I created my site as my avenue to write and be creative. My website has gone through various iterations, it used to be a combination of two of my favourite things: films and football. But I decided to concentrate my focus on films. It started out as “Out of This Film World,” but was never fully satisfied with that name, so changed it to its current name which I’m pretty happy with.
What has been your favourite post you have released so far and why?
My favourite post to date is probably the Nolan collaboration that I did with several other fine film bloggers ( We got together and pitched in our scores for each Nolan film, whilst each contributing a little snippet about what we thought of each film. Then we aggregated the scores so we got a combined ranking of each of Nolan’s films. It was a lot of fun and I think given that we collectively selected “The Dark Knight” as his best, I think proved that we all have good taste in film.

How important is it to you to interact with fellow film fans on social media?
Hugely important, I have interacted with and met some great people through Film Twitter, and Film Twitter meetups. Also, it helped that when I attended my first ever film festival last year, London Film Festival, it made the experience that much better knowing that there were people there who I could meet up with and interact to whilst we were all seeing many films. It is just great to meet and chat with like-minded cinephiles.
What is your favourite film of all time and why?
This is somewhat cheating, cos I consider this trilogy to be one film, one 12 hour masterpiece, and this would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just epic in every sense of the word. But if I were to narrow it down to one film, then it would have to be Blade Runner 2049 (  Denis Villeneuve has become one of my favourite directors these past few years, and bold claim, BR 2049 is one of the best sequels ever made.
Who is one other blogger or podcast you love and want to share the love to?
Just one blimey, that feels really hard to narrow it down to one. As well as all the awesome people who collaborated with me on the Nolan piece, and not to mention Amy, our excellent host, the fine folks at JumpCut Online deserve a shoutout. They produce some great reviews and podcasts that you should all be reading/listening to.
And finally, where can people find your content?
You can find me on social media:

Podcast: Mike, Mike and Oscar
Run by Mike1 and AlsoMike

What is your podcast about?
We are an Oscars preview and film appreciation podcast with an emphasis on all things Awards

Why did you create your podcast?
The hosts, Mike1 and AlsoMike, are lifelong avid film and Awards Show fans but wanted to
create a place where film can be discussed, dissected, and analysed in the way sports is over
talk radio. The biggest problem with most awards season coverage is the aura of “stuffiness”
that is most times (wrongly) associated with it. So the Mikes bring their backgrounds as a
lawyer and screenwriter respectively, as well as their interests in sports, gambling, music,
fashion combined with their relatable life experiences to put out a show that everyone can
enjoy from the hardest of hardcore Oscars pundits to the film of the week fanatic.

What has been your favourite episode you have released so far and why?
“Honestly any interview or guest we’ve had on. I know that may seem like a cop-out answer
but it’s 100% true. When we started this podcast, I would’ve never dreamed that we’d be
talking to and collaborating with some of my favorite on-air talents from Collider, HeadGum,
EarWolf, CollegeHumor, Be Kind Rewind, etc. And nevermind the contacts we’ve made at film
and gaming sites such as Awards Ace, Fandango, MyBookie, and The Hollywood Reporter. Each
collaborative guest has been tons of fun and unique in their perspective about whatever the
given topic has been. And just personally as fans of all of these people even before starting
MMO as Mike and I have been, I know I speak for the both of us when I say it was all we could
do from completely fan-boying out when talking to them!” – Mike1

“Definitely. It’s been a wild ride. Also, I’d throw our Mike, Mike, and Oscars Awards Show in
there too. We have that coming up soon again this year but it’s our own personal awards show
where we ‘present’ the Best Of in the film year and give our personal Top 10s and the ‘rightful’
winner of all the Oscars categories. But we also let the listeners drive the show. They give us
categories and some of them are funny, serious, wacky…it’s a blast. We never know what to
expect so I’d say that show for sure too.” – AlsoMike

How important is it to you to interact with fellow film fans on social media?
“It’s our lifeblood. At the end of every single one of our episodes I end up giving ‘words of
wisdom’ for the listeners and many times those words have really just been wise for us to thank
them, and all film fans. Different ideas and takes and mindsets are what makes not only this
industry but the film world in general, go round. We can’t be thankful and grateful enough for
each fan, talent, producer, or pundit who takes a few seconds out of their day to chat movies
with us.” – AlsoMike

What is your favourite film of all time and why?
 “My all-time favorite is Mulholland Drive. But, as our listeners know, Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood is definitely creeping up on my all-time list. Kind of bizarre considering how radically
different each film is but they’re each done by a filmmaker I adore in David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino. Two men who are never afraid to push the envelope in some extremely different
ways.” – Mike1

“That’s such a tough question. My answer changes all the time but gun to my head right now,
in this moment, I’ll say The Sixth Sense. One of the all-time classic twists in movie history, from
a young, new director. It got me…and also I can’t answer Uncle Buck and be taken seriously so,
here we are.” – AlsoMike

Who is one other blogger or podcast you love and want to share the love to?
“Scott Feinberg and his Awards Chatter podcast for The Hollywood Reporter for sure. Scott is
one of the main reasons we started MMO at all. We’ve always looked up to him and his
interviews are truly second to none!” – Mike1

And finally, where can people find your content?
Everywhere! For our podcast just type in “Mike, Mike, and Oscar” wherever you listen to pods
and you’ll find us! And if you use a podcast site where you CAN’T find us, reach out to us and
let us know and we’ll put ourselves there!

But we are mainly accessed through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the usual high traffic podcast
sites. If you go to our SoundCloud homepage you can find our work divided into easily
digestible playlists for your listening convenience. That link is here:

If you want to contact us directly we are Mike, Mike, and Oscar on Facebook,
mikemikeandoscar on Instagram, @MMandOscar on Twitter,, (I swear one day we’ll activate that damn site), and mikemikeandoscar
on Reddit!

Like we always say every episode – when reality sucks, come watch movies with us!

Thank you so much to Martin and the two Mikes for taking part in the series, make sure to go and support them.

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