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NEW SERIES: The Disney Animation Marathon

Previously on this blog, I have held two different marathons relating to the works of Quentin Tarantino and the Star Wars saga. For many years now though, there has been one marathon series that I have wanted to conquer and right now is the perfect time to run this series: the Disney Animation Marathon.

It has always been something that I have wanted to do, watching every single animated Disney film in order from start to finish. However, with prices for each individual film and the amount of time needed to dedicate to it meant that I have struggled to find the motivation to do this. Now, with Disney+ finally launched in the UK, a need for cheerful and comfort movies in this time and a lot of free time on my hand, this is the perfect time to do this.

Unlike other marathons I have hosted, I am not keeping to a strict schedule to this. I plan to review films as soon as I have seen them and to get it done by the end of summer, but this will not be strict as I do not want to put pressure on myself during this tough time. However, you will be getting reviews for every single film in the Disney Animation catalogue (outside of Fun and Fancy Free, which is currently unavailable on Disney+).

Along with this, I plan to do some Disney-related challenges, have a focus on my Short Film Monthly Reviews and The Ultimate Choice posts be Disney focused and keep everything tied together, giving me a focus for the next few months. I do have a few films, shows and a video game to review alongside this for the rest of the month, but this will give some consistency to my blog during this unstable time.

Do you plan to do this as well? How many of the Disney Animation catalogue have you seen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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